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Why You Need HV Power

HV Power is the exclusive distributor for one local, and several foreign manufacturers. Since 1994 we have built a solid reputation as a key supplier of protective relay and related substation automation technologies to the NZ power utility sector. This means whenever you purchase a product from us, you know you are investing in a sound, reliable and robust technology solution.

By sourcing only the highest quality products from around the world, HV Power can provide the electricity generation, transmission and distribution sectors with the technology to improve network management and power delivery - reliably, securely and economically.

We pride ourselves on being a solution provider - often performing in-house tests, checking drawings or running simulations to ensure that not only can HV Power provide a series of solutions for you, we can also draw on years of experience on how to approach a particular problem.

HV Power can also project manage from your initial concept, all the way through to commissioning. We can help with scheme designs, product solutions, train you, your consultants and your contractors, as well as install, test and commission new systems.

Our customer support is second-to-none, and we are always happy to visit or discuss any issues you may have. Our team is drawn from an industry background, so we can provide competent, responsive and reliable support.

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