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Hardened Ethernet Products

GarrettCom® (a Belden brand) is an industry leader in providing cost-effective, off-the-shelf hardened Ethernet products for industrial automation, control and telecommunications markets. GarrettCom is installed in over 10 million nodes around the world, thus becoming a proven name in quality hardened Ethernet products.

Product families include:

GarrettCom offer the latest Ethernet technologies, including POE, 1 GB ports, a wide selection of fibre options, and the latest protocols (including IEC 61850). While GarrettCom is well known for its range of hardened products for outdoor applications, products are also available for less demanding environments (such as factory floor and office grade applications). Modular products and a wide range of options create an incredibly large product line. Give the staff at HV Power a call and we will recommend the most appropriate product(s) for you.

We offer from Siemens their range of communication converters to support remote engineering access to their SIPROTEC protection relays. However, these products can be used for other applications. From the full range of Siemens and GarrettCom products, here are our most popular recommendations:

Managed switches

Magnum 6KQ Managed Field Switch

Magnum 6KQ Configurable Managed Field Switch

With a heavy-duty, fully enclosed, IP52 metal case, the 6KQ is a tough switch, with no compromise performance. Designed with ribbed surface for heat dissipation sink (no fans), the 6KQ is designed for the most extreme environments. Included in the 6KQ are two alarm contacts and metal bracket for vertical wall or panel mounting. An optional DIN-Rail mount is also available. The 6KQ is a fully managed switch with up to 16 RJ45 Ethernet connections, or various fibre combinations at a very affordable price.

More info on the Magnum 6KQ

Magnum 6K16V Configurable Managed Field Switch

Magnum 6K16V Managed Field Switch

The 6K16V is the ideal substation switch, incorporating interchangeable modules to configure to site requirements. Like the 6KQ, the 6K16V is fanless – thus eliminating a common point of failure of cheaper switches.

More info on the Magnum 6K16V

Unmanaged switches

Magnum ES42

Magnum ES42 Edge Switch

The ES42 is an impressive piece of kit. Incredibly durable, and incredibly handy make this device a high demand item. (HV Power even uses one in their office!)

Electrically hardened units with wide temperature ranges allow ES42 units to be installed in outdoor cabinets and exposed to freezing or hot environments. Products with a mix of copper and fibre parts provide switch and media converter functions in one device.

More info on the Magnum ES42

Serial edge device routers

Serial Edge Device Routers

DX40 Hardened Serial Device Router

The DX series securely drag serial communications into the Ethernet cloud by converting RS-232/485 to Ethernet. The DX40 offers 2 serial and 2 Ethernet ports in a very robust enclosure, suitable for field installation next to IED's. Sealed fanless design and high EMI/RFI immunity ensure long life operation.

More info on the DX40

Media converters

Media converters

Reliable, hardened devices for conversion between copper and fibre Ethernet circuits. Fibre conectors are often used in the power and industrial sectors due to their immunity to EMI/RFI interference and high electrical isolation. They are ideal for providing fibre connection between panels or bays of equipment, or to IED's in the switchyard. Not only do units have an electrical hardened power supply, outdoor units also have temperature ratings permitting use in freezing or very hot locations.

More info on Media converters

Other converters

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