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Hardened Ethernet Products

RUGGEDCOM® (a Siemens brand) is an industry leader in providing cost-effective, off-the-shelf hardened Ethernet products for industrial automation, control and telecommunications markets. They offer extreme temperature range, Zero-Packet-Loss technology for immunity to high levels of electromagnetic interference, and enhanced Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol (eRSTP™) for ultra high-speed network fault recovery. RUGGEDCOM products can be found in mission critical networks used in electric power, transportation and oil&gas industries.

Product families include:

We also offer from Siemens their range of communication converters to support remote engineering access to SIPROTEC protection relays. However, these products can be used for other applications.

Ethernet Layer 3 switches/routers

RUGGEDCOM layer 3 switches

Ethernet Layer 3 switches and routers are designed for use in high performance industrial networks. They are modular in design and support various IT standards, including VLAN, IGMP and RSTP.

More info on Layer 3 switches


Ethernet Layer 2 switches

RUGGEDCOM layer 2 switches

Rack-mounted Ethernet Layer 2 switches deliver utility-grade performance, reliability and field-proven MTBF to lower OPEX costs.

Compact Ethernet Layer 2 switches are designed for tight spaces and come with a full array of intelligent functionality for robust operation in harsh industrial environments.

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Cellular Routers

RUGGEDCOM cellular routers

4G LTE cellular routers provide high bandwidth and reliable remote data communication over long distances.

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Compact EoVDSL2 switches


Compact form factor Ethernet switches with EoVDSL2 uplinks provide the flexibility to use legacy copper or optical infrastructure in harsh environments.

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Serial device servers

RUGGEDCOM Serial device servers

Serial device servers are designed to increase ROI of legacy serial devices, reduce serial cabling costs and provide remote accessibility to lower management costs.

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Media converters

RUGGEDCOM Media Converters

Ethernet media converters are designed to bridge the gap between copper and fiber-optic network segments, reducing installation and configuration costs

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Power-over Ethernet injectors

RUGGEDCOM Power-over Ethernet injectors

Compact power injectors and supplies help reduce costs by eliminating separate power and data cabling requirements

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Wide area private wireless systems


Private wireless WAN solutions enable secure long-range connectivity, extending IP networks over long distances to fixed and mobile users.

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Security (CrossBow)


An enterprise level solution for managing and securing remote maintenance access to field devices in compliance with the NERC CIP standards. Offers tremendous ease of use, and unique automation capabilities for change management applications.


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Other products

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