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Power Quality Analysers & Metering

Many products in this range offer features of both power measurement and power quality analysis. The decision to use which should be based upon the primary need - power quality analysis or revenue/check metering. Portability, fixed installation and the need for local display or SCADA connection should be considered. The staff at HV Power will be pleased to discuss your application and give guidance.

Power Quality

PQ-Box 50

PQ Box 50

The PQ-Box 50 is a powerful, portable and very easy to use Power Quality Analyser for a wide range of industrial and utility applications. Due to its integrated power supply, robustness and compact design, the power analyser is particularly suitable for mobile measurement operation (IP65) in harsh environments. This entry into the A.Eberle PQ-Box range does not feature local display, but PC or phone app.

More info on the PQ-Box 50 Power Quality Analyser

PQ-Box 100

PQ Box 100

The PQ-Box 100 is the work horse multi-function portable instrument for power, energy and power quality analysis. This robust solid state design is designed for outdoor use, yet boasts 24 bit resolution, 0.1% accuracy and over 1600 measured parameters for advanced engineering analysis. Very simple set up and on screen confirmation of measured values ensures correct connection.

The PQ-Box 100 is supplied with PC software which not only extracts and process pre-recorded data, but also acts as a live recording oscilloscope and harmonic analyser. High speed USB connection permits rapid download of data.

More info on the PQ-Box 100 Power Quality Analyser
Power Quality Technical Library (HV Power)

PQ-Box 150

PQ Box 150

The PQ-Box 150 essentially sits between the ‘work horse’ PQ-Box 100 and ‘thoroughbred’ PQ-Box 200 products. For some customers the PQ-Box 100 will remain the product of choice, while for others the PQ-Box 150 is the logical upgrade. The good news is that all products are supported by the same version of WinPQ mobil software – so you can operate a mix of products within your organisation.

Compared to the PQ-Box 100, the PQ-Box 150 features colour on screen graphics and faster sampling speed to allow up to the 200th harmonic to be measured. The unit is CAT III 1000V rated, with built-in fused leads. The six-hour internal battery and extremely tough external power supply boasts a very wide input range and very high impulse withstand. A.Eberle have moved to this design to cater for a ‘worst case scenario’ situation. Should the power supply be damaged – such as from a rogue frequency drive output – the power supply can simply be replaced, without risk to the PQ-Box 150. A.Eberle’s testing of this robust power supply included such abuse as running from a 40 Vac source in a 70 deg. C environment and, running it from a 550 Vac source!

More info on the PQ-Box 150 Power Quality Analyser
Power Quality Technical Library (HV Power)

PQ-Box 200

PQ Box 200

The PQ-Box 200 is an expansion of the PQ-Box 100 & PQ-Box 150 for those needing high speed transient data capture. It features an additional A/D card with +/- 5 kV and 2 MHZ tansient capture capability. The PQ-Box 200 also features both an Ethernet and USB interface, a binary trigger input and low voltage analogue input channel.

All the PQ-Box products share the same setting and reporting software “WinPQ mobil”, allowing users to operate a mix of tools with little additional support.

More info on the PQ-Box 200 Power Quality Analyser
Power Quality Technical Library (HV Power)

PQ-Box 300

PQ Box 300

The PQ-Box 300 is an expansion of the PQ-Box 200 with additional high speed measurement to allow harmonics of up to 170 kHz to be measured.

All the PQ-Box products share the same setting and reporting software “WinPQ mobil”, allowing users to operate a mix of tools with little additional support.

More info on the PQ-Box 300 Power Quality Analyser
Power Quality Technical Library (HV Power)


PQI-D, PQI-DA, and PQI-DA Smart power quality analysers

The PQI-D series of power quality analysers are designed for permanent installation and continuous monitoring of power quality in medium and high voltage networks. Features include voltage quality to EN 50160, high speed fault recorder, event recorder, harmonic analysis and ability to monitor additional I/O points.

The PQI-D is a modular design with rack and enclosure mounting options. The PQI-DA features a non expandable stainless steel DIN mount enclosure. The PQI-DA Smart is the latest release to the family and features a moulded DIN rail mount, with integral LCD display. The PQI-DA Smart features removable SD memory card, ideal for locations where communication infrastructure does not yet exist. The PQI-D Smart also features expanded measurement capability in the 2 kHz to 9 kHz frequency band.

Data is downloaded to PC running WinPQ software for display and analysis of data. WinPQ supports the connection of multiple recorders distributed geographically within a network using a variety of communication methods.

More info on the PQI-D
More info on the PQI-DA
More info on the PQI-DA smart
Power Quality Technical Library(HV Power)


Nexus 1272

Nexus 1272

The Nexus 1272 is the pinnacle of Electro-Industries' metering division. Combining a Revenue Meter with a Power Quality Analyser - the Nexus 1272 offers class 0.2 metering with power quality features such as EN 50 160 flicker reports.

Offering Modbus, DNP3, Ethernet and Modem connections – the 1272 is easy to talk to, and with the use of AIreports, easy to automate reporting. The Nexus 1272 is EGR approved for revenue metering.

More info on the Nexus 1272

Nexus 1262

Nexus 1262

The Nexus 1262 revenue meter (class 0.2%) is for those who want to keep their PQ options open, and make their metering dollars go much further.

By installing Nexus 1262 Meters at a typical two incomer site, with the money saved, you can also install a dedicated purpose designed PQ Monitoring devices. A dedicated PQ system overcomes some common concerns about combination metering/PQ devices, such as:

More info on the Nexus 1262

Shark 200

Shark 200

The Shark 200 is a panel mount data-logging revenue meter with plugin I/O modules. Power and energy readings are logged in internal memory together with time stamped limit/alarm events. With the installation of mA output cards, the Shark 200 can be used as a transducer to output measured or calculated values to legacy systems. Digital I/O cards can be used for logging of external events or as control outputs. DNP3.0 and Modbus protocols via RS-485 are supported for quick connection to SCADA, with fibre serial output also possible. Multiple Ethernet ports are available for advanced communications with IEC 61850 or DNP-iP. MV-90 is supported and built-in web pages provided.

With options for harmonic analysis, the Shark 200 offers affordable access to power quality information.

More info on the Shark 200

Shark 100-S and 200-S

Shark 100(S)

The Shark 100-S and 200-S are 0.2 Class meters, with technology to boot, at an affordable price. The Shark 100/200-S are advanced technology replacements for analogue meters. With Modbus, RS485, IrDA, Ethernet and Wireless Ethernet options, the Shark 100/200-S supports many possible communication methods. The Shark 100-S provides instantaneous reading and total energy counters, while the Shark 200-S features datalogging capability for half-hour (or other) readings.

More info on the Shark 100-S
More info on the Shark 200-S

Software for Nexus & Shark Series

Power Quality Reporting Software

Communicator EXT is Electro-Industries' power quality reporting software, which can archive data from multiple meters into graphs, tables and reports. AIReports can be integrated into the software, offering power quality analysis with automatic reporting features.

More info on Communicator EXT



Simeas P

The SIMEAS P panel mounted power meter can be equipped with analogue and digital inputs and output modules. These make the SIMEAS P units ideal for applications where a small number of discrete points need to be monitored or controlled. The mA outputs also allow the SIMEAS P to be used where existing transducers need to be replaced- with additional functionality.


Other Products

SICAM T Transducer (7KG series)

Siemens SENTRON Transducer

The SICAM T (was SENTRON T) is intended as flexible transducer replacement, its high speed response makes it ideal for control type applications. Each SICAM T features 4 independent mA outputs, with during installation, the output values can be selected from a range of measurements (including voltage, current, power & energy PQS, frequency, phase angle and power factor), This allows one SICAM unit to be used in a range of applications, replacing multiple traditional transducers. Optional MODBUS TCP or RTU/103 outputs are available for additional SCADA reporting.

More info on SICAM T brochure (PDF, 720kB)


Voltage Selection Relay 2P48

RMS Voltage Selection Relay

Commonly used in metering applications, the 2P48 relay provides for an automatic changeover of metering voltage, between two VT supplies. The relay is designed to automatically change over from the primary supply to the secondary supply if any phase of the primary supply has faulted or the primary VT is out of service.

More info on the 2P48