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October 2019

What's New at HV Power

New premises

We have moved to much larger premises to support our rapidly growing business. Gloucester Industrial Park provides a single site for HV Power's Auckland operation, with significantly expanded warehousing and factory space for switchgear. We welcome you dropping by to see our new facility.

Our location is:
   Unit K
   3 Gloucester Park Road
Our phone, fax and postal address remain unchanged.


33 kV Indoor Switchgear Contract for Outdoor-to-Indoor Conversion

33 kV outdoor to indoor conversionHV Power has been awarded a competitive tender for 36 kV-rated Siemens 8DJH-36 switchgear. This switchgear will be used to convert three outdoor 33 kV switching stations to indoor designs and provide full automation of all switching functions. As the Siemens 36 kV Ring Main Unit includes circuit breaker options, these have been selected allowing the customer to add protection relays which further improves the selectivity of their protection.

Panels for three different switching stations have been purchased.

The benefits of this work will allow the distribution company to:

The selected Siemens 8DJH-36 series is a 36 kV-rated, larger version of the popular 8DJH (11/22 kV) Ring Main Unit now being used by several utilities around New Zealand. The 8DJH-36 includes Ring Switches, Circuit Breaker Panels, Metering Panels and Fused Transformer Feeders.

Some of the features that helped the customer select the Siemens 8DJH-36 series were:

See our September 2016 Newsletter for more information on the 8DJH-36.


KIWI REPORTER Technical data sheet

KIWI REPORTER technical data sheet

To support our NZ-assembled KIWI REPORTER, we have released a comprehensive Technical Data Sheet.

The KIWI REPORTER is a robust, outdoor SCADA interface for SMART NAVIGATOR Fault Passage Indicators. The KIWI REPORTER features large battery and power supply capacity to support those customers wanting to use high-power radio communications to remote sites. It is available in AC and solar-powered versions.

If you have any other questions – just let us know via phone or email.


SIPROTEC 5 - Arc Flash modules - now support bare fibre (Line Sensor)

SIPROTEC 5 relays have supported arc flash ‘Point Sensors’ for some time. Each plug-in arc detection module currently supports up to three separate ‘Point Sensors’, and SIPROTEC relays support multiple modules. Siemens have now enhanced the flexibility of this plug-in protection module, by now also supporting ‘Line Sensors’ (i.e. bare fibre).

Firstly a fibre ‘Supply Line’ is specified, being a normal shielded fibre (pair) to get the bare fibre in the right location (distant from the relay). ‘Supply Line’ fibres of 3, 5 and 10 metre lengths are available. Secondly, the length of the “Line Sensor” (bare fibre) is specified (5, 10, 20, 30 and 40 m).

To allow the built-in fibre self-checking functions to work, the above fibres are connected in a loop from the Arc Flash Module and back. The following concept diagram shows how the ‘Supply Line’ is a pair of fibres (each of the same specified length), while the 'Line Sensor' is a single loop joining these.

SIPROTEC 5 Arc Flash module diagram


CMIC upgraded to A8000

At HV Power, we are sold on the power, flexibility and cost effectiveness of the compact Siemens CMIC RTU device. This is the Automation Controller for our 8DJH series of Ring Main Units. The great news is that Siemens have now further upgraded the CMIC. To reflect the new flexibility and function, they have renamed it the ‘A8000’.

CMIC A8000

A whole new range of matching expansion I/O is now available, including:

Like the CMIC, the A8000 base unit features 12 digital inputs, 8 digital outputs, 2 x LAN, 1 x RS-232 and 1 x RS-485 interface.

The product features 5 kV EMC withstand – making this the ideal reliable substation/switchgear RTU. Coupled with –40 deg C to +70 deg C operating temperature range, this device is well suited to use in outdoor junction boxes, ring main units and other demanding outdoor applications.

A variety of protocols are supported including MODBUS, DNP (Serial and IP) and IEC 61850.

See the A8000 website for more information or download the datasheet.



3 sizes of Type Tested Outdoor RMU enclosure now available

Bosecker outdoor enclosureHV Power have worked with Bosecker in Germany to now offer three different sizes of outdoor RMU enclosures for Siemens 8DJH 11/22 kV switchgear.  All three models are Type Tested outdoor stainless steel enclosures, internal arc classified IAC A & IAC B.

To assist customers, a Technical Data sheet is now available providing comprehensive details of the enclosure and examples of switchgear modules that can be fitted in each. Download your copy.