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        Howard Wardley joins HV Power    

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Photo - Warwick Beech


Flooded RMUs

The weather bomb experienced last month has shown that considering a switchgear’s attributes to withstand flooding is not unreasonable.

During our Ring Main ‘road show trips’ we often discussed the advantage of the waterproof separable connectors used on our 8DJH, the sealed-for-life high voltage tank and the ant-proof fuse arrangement. While these are elements of the ‘maintenance free’ design – they also allow the switchgear to remain operational in flooded locations.

We are pleased to now have located some great video footage showing this. See our second newsletter item for the YouTube link.



Warwick Beech

Howard Wardley joins HV Power

We are pleased to welcome to our Auckland office a respected and well-known face in the industry, Howard Wardley.

Howard joins HV Power with significant experience in the power industry both locally and abroad in the roles of protection relay sales, support and engineering.

His HV Power position as Sales Engineer - Protection is focused on the sales and support of Siemens, RMS and other IED products, in the lower South Island and upper North Island.

Howard can be contacted via howardw@hvpowerautomation.com , or 09 377 2001.


      Flooded switchgear    

We have often talked about the robustness of the Siemens 8DJH to withstand some really harsh conditions – now we have a YouTube video to show the testing.

Use this link to YouTube:

8DJH under water testing
8DJH submersion tests

Yes, we agree that the secondary control circuits and gear would be flooded…and that would likely require the switchboard to be taken out of service to clean/remediate. However, the key point here is the HV circuit remains operational, and the cables are unlikely to be damaged! That’s one less network hassle when your roadside or distribution substation asset is in the midst of rising water.


      Voltage Regulator Training 24 May 2017    
REG-D and REG-DA Voltage Regulator Training

This course is aimed at first-time users of the REG-D/DA devices to allow them to become familiar with basic functions of voltage regulation, the various transformer paralleling strategies and transformer monitoring. Hands-on sessions will be provided to experience front-panel controls, menu layouts and where to find information, plus the basic use of WinREG setting software.

Contact Rob Knight (09 377 2001) for more information of this Auckland based one day training course.


      WinPQ mobil software for PQ-Box 100/150/200 – Power Quality and Ripple Control Monitoring    
WinPQ mobil Version and PQ Box 150

WinPQ mobil version has recently been released. This can be downloaded via the links from our website technical library.


Both 32 and 64-bit versions are available. Download size is approx. 165 Mb. Included in these downloads is the latest firmware.

Version offers some minor bug fixes and IEC 61000-4-30 Edition 3 Compliance for PQ-Box 150 and PQ-Box 200.

Further details of features can be found in our V3.1.7.1 release notes available from our above-referenced website.

Contact Warwick Beech (04 3877 339) if you would like to trial the PQ-Box 150 Power Quality Anaylser and check out these new features.



      How fast can you log voltage, frequency and power data?    

While the Power Quality Standard EN 50160 defines a 10-minute measuring interval (all 10 ms values are averaged and reported each 10 minutes), customers often want to record data at faster intervals.

Our February newsletter highlighted the A.Eberle PQ-Box 150 and PQ-Box 200’s ability to record data to their memory at 200 ms and 3-second intervals (in addition to the 1s-30min user-defined intervals). Capturing data at such speeds does quickly consume device memory – even with 32 GB memory on board.

PQI-DA SmartWinPQ data display
PQI-DA Smart, supplied 'ready' for dutch utility logging application

HV Power also supplies 'installed' PQ monitoring devices, allowing data to be automatically streamed back from a substation (and other locations) to one central SQL database. Again, while most standards are based on 10-minute data, one customer considering a system asked about the bandwidth required to bring back ‘faster’ data. To see for ourselves we ran a test where close to 1,000 measured voltage, current and harmonic values were selected and recorded for 200 ms, 3 seconds and 10 minute intervals and transferred across a 100 Mbps Ethernet network to a SQL server (using WinPQ software). While gathering about 60 MB of data per hour, bandwidth wasn’t actually a significant issue.

With the ability on these installed devices (e.g: PQI-DA Smart) to select just the measurement points required for each of the available data classes, it is surprising what is actually possible with existing network infrastructure and modern technology.

Contact Warwick Beech (04 3877 339) for more information.


      New Motor Protection Relay, Reyrolle 7SR105    

The new Siemens Reyrolle 7SR105 Rho is a numerical protection relay intended for use in motor protection applications. It provides convenient start/stop controls and all the protection functions you would expect. It is set up using the simpl,e yet highly comprehensive, functional software package ReyDisp. The 7SR105 goal is to reduce installation, wiring, and engineering time.

Siemens Reyrolle 7SR105 Motor Protection Relay
Siemens Reyrolle 7SR105 Motor Protection Relay

Up to 6 RTD temperature probes can be connected, allowing true thermal overload to be monitored. The device is housed in a 4U high, size 4 non-draw-out case and provides protection, monitoring, instrumentation, and metering with integrated input and output logic, data logging and fault reports.

Communication access to the relay functionality is via a front USB port for local PC connection or rear electrical RS-485 port for remote connection. DNP and MODBUS RTU protocols are supported.

See the Siemens website for more information.


      SIPROTEC 5 – Application Sheets    

SIPROTEC 5 is by far the most powerful protection relay series available from Siemens ever. To help customers get up to speed faster on these, Siemens has produced a number of Application Note Sheets. These are available for your download (most are less than 500 kB, while a couple approach 2.2 Mb download size).

(updated Feb 2018)


Properties and functional structure - introduces the concept of Function Groups (FG)

SIP5-APN002 Breaker-and-a-half solutions

Tapped line application (‘T’ connection) - introduces Diff and Distance topology


Sync check with multiple voltage sources (see also #26) - breaker-and-a-half example


Protection Data Interface application - transferring binary and analogue values between relays without IEC 61850 protocols


Multiple communication options - redundancy options for serial and Ethernet protocols

SIP5-APN007 SIP5 communication to SICAM PAS

Enhanced GOOSE - flexible GOOSE engineering, tools for commissioning point-to-point and substitution values


Comm’s security - 20 pages of useful tips and guidelines on design of secure automation systems using SIPROTEC 5

SIP5-APN010 Overview of engineering in DIGSI 5

DIGSI 5 commissioning features - using the test editors to speed commissioning – the simulation/sequencer, monitor binary inputs, force outputs and communication protocol testing

SIP5-APN012 Breaker-and-a-half control and Phasor Measurement Unit function
SIP5-APN013 Teleprotection example using SIPROTEC / DIGSI 5
SIP5-APN014 Using both SIPROTEC 4 and SIPROTEC 5 in IEC 61850 schemes
SIP5-APN015 Power system parameter settings
SIP5-APN016 Distance protection example
SIP5-APN017 Stub protection for breaker-and-a-half schemes
SIP5-APN018 Leader/Follower logic for breaker-and-a-half schemes
SIP5-APN019 Flexible engineering IEC 61850 (LN classes)
SIP5-APN020 PIXIT – How to produce MICS descriptions
SIP5-APN021 Duplicating Function Groups (FG)

Time synchronisation and backup sources

See also HV Power DIGSI 5 Quick Note QN0003 on IRIG-B settings

SIP5-APN023 Example of setting group change via CFC
SIP5-APN024 ENEAS cubical design example
SIP5-APN025 Autotransformer protection using 7UT87
SIP5-APN026 Sync check with different VT ratios
SIP5-APN027 Using the function keys to change switching authority
SIP5-APN028 Time synchronisation via IEEE 1588 (PTP)
SIP5-APN029 Protection of four feeders using one protection relay
SIP5-APN030 Circulating Current High Impedance. Differential Protection using 7SJ8
SIP5-APN031 Breaker Pole Discrepancy Function
SIP5-APN032 Secure transmission of trip signal with GOOSE
SIP5-APN033 Protection of Asynchronous Motors with reduced voltage starters (3 switch, Korndorfer method)
SIP5-APN035 Display of power factor – customized displays
SIP5-APN036 Porting CFC charts from DIGSI 4 projects into DIGSI 5
SIP5-APN037 Phasor Measurement using SIPROTEC 5
SIP5-APN040 Extension of BI/BO using Protection Data Interface to connection to another SIPROTEC 5 relay
SIP5-APN042 Protection and Control Devices for Medium Voltage Switchgear - Using one SIPROTEC 5 protection relay to protect multiple feeders
SIP5-APN044 Line differential protection in context of MPLS-based communication networks
SIP5-APN045 Impedance protection on power transformer
SIP5-APN047 Line differential protection and TPZ class CT at one terminal
SIP5-APN048 Line protection with transformer in the protection zone


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