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        SIPROTEC 5/DIGSI 5 Training 23 August 2017    

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Photo - Warwick Beech


The importance of technical nourishment

We were pleased to have the support of Gustav Steynberg, a highly skilled protection engineer from Siemens Germany, presenting customer seminars in New Zealand last month. It was refreshing to see an experienced professional working through transformer differential and impedance protection applications from first principals using symmetrical components etc. It’s reassuring to see how the ones and zeros in the settings and relay binary code do actually relate to the real world. When you are implementing a new scheme it’s doubly reassuring to know that expertise like Gustav's is behind the products especially when those really tricky application questions arise.

Gustav also gave us some insights on current practices around the world, took note of some of the novel direction and applications us 'kiwis' are up to, and validated our approaches.

The seminar embraced SIPROTEC 5’s protection relays approach to 'Function Groups', where virtually any protection function can be added to any relay. This gives protection engineers a whole new platform for solving new problems, or the opportunity to re-engineer existing schemes to be more cost-effective by reducing the need for multiple relays.

It is a big thank you from the team at HV Power to all those who attended. Taking time for technical nourishment is critical for learning what’s new – especially as we enter an environment where the next question becomes ‘how much functionality are you prepared to put into one relay?’ 



Warwick Beech

Siemens Protection Relay Training

On 23 August we will be holding our SIPROTEC 5/DIGSI 5 training course in our Auckland office. This course introduces DIGSI 5 software used with the new modular SIPROTEC 5 series Protection Relays. On completion of the course, the participants will be able to:

  • configure a SIPROTEC 5 relay instance within a DIGSI 5 project
  • create a single line diagram, connect measuring points
  • understand the role of function groups
  • set up information routing
  • connect to a SIPROTEC 5relay to upload settings and download fault records.

Please contact Pura for further details (09 377 2001). The number of participants will be limited in accordance with relay availability. If required, DIGSI 5 licences will be available on the day.


      Review of Siemens SIPROTEC 5 Protection Seminars    
Siemens Training

Thanks to those who joined us for the day in Christchurch, Wellington and Auckland for our series of one-day Protection Seminars.  The technical portion of the seminar focused on two subjects:

  • RMD - Reactance Method of Distance Protection, offering a method more immune to line load flow and hence the need for compensation.
  • Distance and impedance protection of transformers offering HV, feeder and transformer back-ups (in additional to Transformer Differential).

The SIPROTEC 5 series was highlighted, showing its function group approach that allows a variety of protection functions to be added to the relays (such as distance protection in transformer differential protection relays). Applications using modular hardware with additional add-on current and/or voltage inputs and flexibility such as transformer differential relay acting as one end of a line differential scheme were mentioned.

If you did not get the opportunity to attend, but are interested, please contact us so we can provide documentation on these topics.


      Siemens 36 kV RMU Road Show – Completed!    

With the recent order by one lines company for Siemens 8DJH-36 (36 kV) Ring Main Units for outdoor to indoor conversion of switching stations, HV Power took to the road in July with a demo unit to show other lines companies. We have now travelled from Auckland to Kerikeri to Invercargill (and back) with a lot of customer interest in this cost-effective 630 A rated RMU (Ring Switch, Circuit Breaker, Transformer Fuse Feeder, Metering Panel and soon to be released bus-section).

Siemens 8DJH-36 33 kV RMU
Siemens 8DJH-36 RMU - 36 kV.

Features of interest to customers included:

  • Availability of a 36 kV circuit breaker panel
  • VTs that can be mounted in the switchgear – not requiring a special VT panel
  • Circuit breakers with high operating duty – supporting many switching operations
  • Automation of switching functions for remote operation
  • Extensibility for future addition of further panels
  • The high degree of commonality of design and operation to the popular 11/22 kV 8DJH series, reducing staff training needs
  • The low price point that makes 33 kV outdoor-to-indoor conversion possible for smaller networks.

The demo panel was only available to us between two international exhibitions, hence the need to make the visits over those two weeks in July. We saw snow, high winds, flooding and road detours, but managed to avoid the worst of the weather bombs. Thanks again to those who accommodated our visit, and hung-out with the gear in the back of our truck.


      REG-D/DA Voltage Regulator Training Course – 15 Nov 2017    
A.Eberle REG-D REG-DA Training

On 15 November we hold our final REG-D/DA Voltage Regulator training course for 2017. This course is offered in Auckland as an alternative to those organisations who cannot coordinate sufficient staff to be in one location for HV Power to run a customised training course at your premises.

This course is aimed at allowing users to become familiar with basic functions of voltage regulation, the various transformer paralleling strategies, and transformer monitoring. Hands-on sessions will be provided to experience controls from the front panel, menu layouts and where to find information, plus the basic use of WinREG Setting software.

A small investment in training can save you considerable development and commissioning costs on projects by ensuring your staff are fully up-to-speed in today’s environment. With updates of device firmware and new software releases, chances are if your staff haven’t used a product in the last six months – their skillset is likely to be out of date!

Contact Vladimir Brijacek (09 377 2001) for more details.


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