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  MORE than a supplier     HV Power Customer Newsletter August 2018    
        2P48 Voltage Selection Relay. New drop-off/pick-up time choices    

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Photo - Warwick Beech


Double points

SCADA digital points are an interesting topic to explain to trainees especially about the use of single vs double point, with/without feedback etc. And of course why DIGSI software has support for so many different Double Point variants – and which to choose.

Recently we’ve been tasked with a couple of DNP support issue relating to this topic. The key to the solution, actually turned out to be three:

  • Having skilled support staff versed in SCADA comm’s
  • Having similar relays in which to apply the customer’s setting files
  • Having a ‘known’ DNP test tool (Goanna) to prove the commands to the relay (prior to introducing the ‘unknown’ customers SCADA command). (Wireshark is a useful addition when dealing with DNP-iP)

See our ‘handy PC tool’ newsletter item for information on Goanna test tool, which we find instrumental in sorting out SCADA issues.

Our guiding principles:

  • When end-to-end tests don’t work, trouble shoot in sequential steps – to prove each link in the chain (starting with what’s known to work, substituting one item at a time)
  • Assume nothing, test everything



Warwick Beech


The RMS 2P48 is a product widely used by many NZ utilities for VT selection. The most common configurations we supply are the zero, two and five second drop-off delay versions. However, RMS have added some more options - which include both delay on pick-up and drop-off.

RMS 2P48 Voltage Selection RelaySiemens SIPROTEC 5 Arc monitoring
RMS 2P48 and order codes

Perhaps now is the time to consider these new options and adopt a (new) standard going forward? We do have some utilities who seem to order a different (time) versions for different sites. This could be the opportunity to implement a standardised approach.  To help with that, we understand that you probably have a number of jobs in progress, and if you are going to make a change, HV Power will be pleased to help gate-keep to ensure that upcoming project orders are in-line with your renewed specifications.

Download the latest RMS 2P48 Voltage Selection datasheet.


      Handy PC tool recommendations    

Here are a couple of recommendation from our support engineers

  1. For a quick and simple DNP test, try “Goanna”. It supports both DNP 3 Serial and IP. We’ve found it to be a handy quick tool to have on your laptop (a bit simpler than IOServer).  The only challenge with it - is finding it on the web, hence our above link to our download site.
  2. Do you frequently change computer IP addresses via navigating to Windows network settings. Or perhaps you don’t do this often so struggle to remember the method to get there? Try ‘Simple IP Config’, a small application that can be used to report/set the IP address with a click of a button. ‘Simple IP Config’ supports the saving of profiles, so you can save several of your common IP address setting and swap between with a couple of clicks.
Goanna DNP3 Test Set
Goanna DNP3 Test Set


      Life gets easier with DIGSI 7.8    

Thinking of upgrading to DIGSI 5 v7.8, but still want to support v7.5 customers?

DIGSI 5 v7.8 can be installed ‘along-side’ v7.5, allowing you to use either version as required (both work from the same licence and you can even run them simultaneously).

When installing DIGSI 5 v7.8, if version 7.5 is installed, the option is given to:
1. Remove the existing version and install the current setup
2. Retain the existing version and install the current setup

Selecting option #2 allows both versions on your computer.

Siemens DIGSI 7.8
DIGSI 5 v7.8 Installation allows earlier version of DIGSI 5 to remain


      SIPROTEC 5 Commissioning Tools – your technicians will love them!    

Consultants appreciate SIPROTEC 5 protection relays for their very logical and systematic approach to settings, the incredible flexibility in protection function choices, and the support for multiple CT, VT, network and arc protection interfaces. For example the 7UT85 Transformer Protection relay in addition to differential and REF protection, can also be used as your tap changer controller, provide arc protection for the LV cable termination chamber, include backup impedance protection, all while being one-end of a line differential scheme.

Network operators appreciate SIPROTEC relays as once installed, their reliability and infrequent firmware patches means they can simply be taken for granted (other than the scheduled maintenance tests for your own peace of mind).

So what about your Commissioning Staff mentioned in the heading for this newsletter item? They will love the SIPROTEC 5 relay too - for its suite of very useful commissioning tools. These include:

  • One software tool (DIGSI 5) for all commissioning needs
  • Powerful setting comparison tool
  • Time saving wire checking functions. A simple function allows you to monitor binary inputs and exercise relay outputs
  • Circuit breaker and other controlled device test screens
  • Handy commissioning tools providing display screens of voltage/current inputs (phasor and magnitude). For relays connected via Protection Data Interfaces (e.g. Line Differential relays) you can see the remote end current/voltage/phasors
  • Offline simulation – great for bench testing as you can simulate an input current/voltage – without need for a test set
  • Show the operating point. See a graph of the tripping curve – with an indication showing the present operating point
  • Live logic diagram. Display a diagram of the user defined logic, and observe the logic status levels (high/low etc) live – this dramatically simplifies proving or fault-finding logic issues
  • SCADA testing – force any SCADA output, dramatically speeding your SCADA point testing
  • Useful event and process logs, record what is going on in the relay
  • Powerful web interface – connect into the relay to see on your laptop screen with a browser to see what is going on (v7.8 onwards offers the most features)
DIGSI 5 V7.8 Test Suite
DIGSI 5 commissioning tools


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