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As the end of the calendar year approaches at a frantic pace, we take the opportunity to highlight some significant and interesting projects and products we have been involved with during 2017.

Our '2017 Showcase' should give you an insight into some of the things happening outside your own company. We look forward to the resumption of business at the start of 2018 – where we hope, inspiration from our showcase will lead to more advanced “automation technologies” for your organisation.

Thank you for your support during 2017 and have a safe and enjoyable holiday season.


Warwick Beech

Holiday hours

For your project planning and forward ordering, please note that HV Power’s offices will close on the afternoon of Thursday 21 December 2017 and will reopen on Monday 8 January 2018.

We will be monitoring our main office phone for messages during the Christmas period, so if you need urgent support this will be the best way to get in touch with us (that is, phone '0800 HV CALL' [0800 48 22 55]).


The review of 2017 projects and successes:


      Three Terminal Line Differential Scheme    
Siemens Protection Relay

The first SIPROTEC 5 three terminal Line Differential Scheme is about to be rolled out in New Zealand. While SIPROTEC 5 has been used for some time in Line Differential and other protection applications, hardware licenced for the first ‘three-terminal’ scheme has recently been supplied.


      Centralised Power Quality Monitoring    
PQI-DA smart installed

HV Power is working closely with an Australian Utility, where a WinPQ centralised power quality system is being rolled out. A.Eberle ‘PQI-DA smart’ field devices are being installed and connected back to a central server running WinPQ software, logging data to a SQL database. Automatic event and scheduled reporting is soon to be implemented.


      Online Dissolved Gas Analysis    
Hydrocal installed

We have put our factory training to good use, providing on-site commissioning to a Hydrocal 1005 user. As predicted the Hydrocal are quick and simple to install, and we expect a long-term trouble-free monitoring period for this customer (with no need for further calibration or consumables).


      Overhead Fault Passage Indicators    

While not so new, nor highly technical, a number of utilities have now moved from their initial testing/evaluation to large scale deployment. We are seeing volume projects for simple visual only indication devices, through to SCADA monitoring of directional fault passage indicators.


      NTP Clocks    
Tekron NTS 03-G NTP/IRIG-B clock

We are seeing a shift in purchasing patterns from ‘IRIG-B clocks with NTP capability’, to ‘NTP clocks with IRIG-B capability’. As more substation relays now support NTP and PTP protocols, we see greater emphasis being put on multiple NTP ports. With the high accuracy of PTP solving more demanding timing application, dual power supplies for increased redundancy are increasingly been specified.


      Class B Ring Main    
Siemens flat-pad Class B outdoor RMU enclosure, on concrete plinth

In conjunction with Siemens, HV Power developed a new ‘flat-pad Class B enclosure’. This has now been supplied out to the field in NZ. The unit provides outdoor class B compliance, which is critical for all network ring main units accessible to the public where switching is initiated remotely or happens autonomously.

‘Flat-pad’ refers to the design being able to be mounted on a flat foundation pad, as its arc compliance is fully ‘built-in’ with internal baffles.


      33 kV Ring Mains    
Siemens 8DJH-36 33 kV RMU

Siemens 8DJH-36 (36 kV) Ring Main Units were supplied for the outdoor to indoor conversion of a customer’s switching stations.


      Ring Main Automation with A-8000    
SICAM CMIC A-8000 Automation Controller

The first and most demanding customer we had for the Siemens A-8000 series of RTU/Automation controller turned out to be ourselves. We selected the A-8000 series as the device for use in our Siemens 8DJH Ring Main Unit where customers need DNP/MODBUS or IEC 61850 connectivity, and local automation capability.


      The rise of Low Power Sensors for 11 kV networks    
Low power sensors

We have taken advantage of Siemens SIPROTEC protection relays to interface to Low Power sensors, eliminating the need for bulky traditional magnetic VTs and CTs. The cost effective nature of the Low Power sensor opens a whole new range of monitoring and automation option for 11/22 kV switchgear.


      Compensated Power Solutions    

Our first RE+DS system was successfully commission in Melbourne in February of this year. Not long after that we were delighted to have our first NZ order an arc suppression coil – which will be delivered at the start of 2018.  However, 2017 is going to be the major milestone for this low cost and ultra-reliable solution – as we now have a third system order.


Siemens DIGSI 5 Training

We have helped a customer who needed a refresher course on Solkor R/RF pilot wire relays, by preparing and delivering a dedicated training program. We have also run our general introductory training program– the highlight being the opportunity to show off the new features of SIPROTEC 5 and DIGSI 5 software.


Siemens Training

With the assistance of Siemens we delivered in-depth technical seminars in Christchurch, Wellington and Auckland. These one-day protection seminars focused on the Reactance Method of Distance Protection (RMD), offering a method more immune to line load flow and hence the need for compensation. Distance and impedance protection of transformers offering HV, feeder and transformer back-ups (in additional to Transformer Differential) was a second important topic showing power and flexibility of the new SIPROTEC 5 protection relays.


      New warehouse    
HV Power RMU stock

With the number of Siemens 8DJH Ring Main Units being delivered and the level of customisation we undertake for some customers, we now have a dedicated Auckland warehouse for the inwards inspection, customisation and stock-holding of ring main units, enclosures, fuses and the like. We are confident the Siemens 8DJH series can be part of the RMU solution for you too!


      LVRSys Low Voltage Regulator    
LVSys Low Voltage Pole Mount Voltage Regulator

We have taken delivery of our first pole-mount LVRSys product, and are organising a field trial of it. LVRSys is a low-voltage regulation system that provides a cost-effective alternative to re-conductoring or installing additional line capacity to deal with consumer voltage issues. It can be used within all (230/400 V) low-voltage distribution networks where voltage regulation problems need to be solved.


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