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        Siemens Protection Relay technical seminar – by Gustav Steynberg, Siemens AG.
25/26/28 July

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Photo - Warwick Beech


Security for 2030?

While New Zealand is a relatively harmonious place and isolated from many of the world’s conflicts, we are still connected to the one World Wide Web where ransomware, viruses and cyber-attacks are a real and ongoing threat. Some may consider our country’s IT infrastructure somewhat less vulnerable due to our physical isolation lulling us into a false sense of security with the regard to the need for cyber protection.

As remote engineering access and Ethernet to the substation becomes the norm, it is time to take a serious look at all potential vulnerabilities. The IEDs you install today will likely still be in service in 2030. If they are not secure in today’s cyber environment, how will they be in 3, 5 or 10 years’ time when hacking is likely to be way more sophisticated?

Please Google ‘NERC-CIP’ and the ‘BDEW whitepaper’ to view some industry recommendations. And of course, have a look at our newsletter item on Siemens SIPROTEC 5 protection relay security measures – ‘Siemens take your security seriously!’

Useful keywords to Google:
  • IEEE 1686
  • IEC 62443
  • BDEW Whitepaper ‘requirements for safe control and telecommunication systems’
  • NERC-CIP standards



Warwick Beech

Siemens Protection Relay Training

The seminar will be presented by Gustav Steynberg (BSc EE), a distance protection specialist for Siemens AG in Germany. Gustav is the author of numerous papers on distance and differential protection applications and technologies. You may remember Gustav from the very successful Distance Protection seminars HV Power held in 2009.
Three one-day seminars will be held:

  • Christchurch, 25 July
  • Wellington, 26 July
  • Auckland, 28 July

The seminars will focus on applications of Line Distance and Transformer Differential protection, with an emphasis on new application and advanced functions available with the Siemens SIPROTEC 5 series:

  • Distance protection using reactance method
  • Impedance protection for power transformers

If you have an application for feeder protection or line differential protection, come along too - SIPROTEC 5’s ability to select protection functions from a library are likely to see those functions being discussed in the context of feeder and line differential protection too.

These technical seminars are recommended for practising protection engineers, design engineers, skilled technicians and graduates pursuing a career in power system protection. Prior experience with Siemens or SIPROTEC 5 is not required.

Please keep the appropriate date available. Invitations will be emailed out shortly, but feel free to contact Geoff Vaughan for more information (09 377 2001) or to register your interest (geoffv@hvpower.co.nz)


      SIPROTEC 5/DIGSI 5 Training 23 August 2017    
Siemens DIGSI 5 Training

On 23 August we will be holding our SIPROTEC 5/DIGSI 5 training course in our Auckland office.  This course introduces DIGSI 5 software used with the new modular SIPROTEC 5 series Protection Relays. On completion of the course, the participants will be able to:

  • configure a SIPROTEC 5 relay instance within a DIGSI 5 project
  • create a single line diagram, connect measuring points
  • understand the role of function groups
  • set up information routing
  • connect to SIPROTEC 5 relay to upload settings and download fault records.

Please contact Rob Knight for further details (09 377 2001). The number of participants will be limited in accordance with relay availability. If required, DIGSI 5 licences will be available on the day.


      Siemens take your security seriously    

Siemens announce the upcoming release of version 7.5 of DIGSI 5 and SIPROTEC 5 firmware for modular and non-modular protection relays.

With ‘version 7.5’, all the security-related events and alarms that are currently recorded in the device security log can now be simultaneously transferred to a central syslog server, to facilitate substation-wide aggregation of all relevant security events. This is in keeping with requirements from standards and guidelines such as IEEE 1686, IEC 62443 and BDEW whitepaper. This allows autonomous monitoring across your sites by network management tools. Rather than security logs being in individual relays for post-forensic analysis, syslog functions allows real-time enterprise management to be undertaken.

Siemens Security for SIPROTEC 5
Siemens Security Syslog Server.

The security log records the likes of access, failed and unauthorised access attempts, safety-critical actions and instances of parameter/setting changes etc. In SIPROTEC 5, security logs cannot be deleted in the relay!

Siemens take security seriously. There are a host of other security features built into SIPROTEC 5 protection relays including:

  • user-definable remote alarms on incorrect password usage
  • ability to turn off all unused ports, unused Ethernet services and diagnostic webpages , and so on
  • only DIGSI 5 can be used to load settings to the relay, and this communication between software and relay is encrypted using tap-proof technology (via local USB or remote Ethernet connections!)
  • secure authentication is used for the DIGSI Ethernet connection
  • multi-level password protection can be enabled for user/operator/service etc
  • remote engineering access can be restricted to a physically separate port/network – keeping this well separated from the perhaps less secure station or IEC 61850 SCADA protocol network
  • all files that are loaded via DIGSI 5 are signed and protected, so if files on a PC were manipulated by malware or a virus they cannot be loaded into the relay.


      EEA 2017    


Thanks to all those customers who stopped by our display at EEA 2017. We appreciate the opportunity to discuss the new products on show, and how HV Power can best support your network goals.

HV Power display at EEA 2017
HV Power's larger stand at EEA 2017.

We were delighted to see the continued interest in the Siemens 8DJH Ring Main Unit, SIPROTEC 5 protection relays, Tekron clocks and the new Horstmann NAVIGATOR 2 series of overhead FPIs.
Hopefully we did take a good note of the commitments we made while talking to you at the show. If you have not heard from us by the end of the week with the promised information, please feel free to contact us with a reminder.


      New staff and warehouse    

We are halfway through the 2017 calendar year, and order-wise it is the busiest HV Power has ever been. To deal with the volume and complexity of these orders, we’ve hired Wendy McCoy to join the HV Power team. Wendy works in our Auckland office where she is responsible for processing customer orders, raising orders on our suppliers and doing the paperwork that ensures we deliver to our customer’s expectations. You are likely to encounter Wendy as she sorts out these logistics and the ‘front of house’ tasks.

This allows Lemuel to now concentrate full-time on the finance and accounting aspects of our business.

With the number of Ring Main Units being delivered and the level of customisation we undertake for some customers, we now have a dedicated Auckland warehouse for the inwards inspection, customisation and stock-holding of ring main units, enclosures, fuses and the like. Mohit, Rob (and others as needed) can be found at our ‘Shaddock Street’ location, which is conveniently located a few minutes’ walk from our Porters Ave location – thus avoiding the need for an entire office relocation.

Shaddock Street houses a great collection of work-in-progress, so give us a call if you would like to see first-hand examples of different Class A or Class B enclosures and Siemens 8DJH Ring Main Unit configurations.

HV Power Ring Main Unit Warehousing
HV Power's new Auckland warehouse for Siemens 8DJH Ring Main Units.


      WinPQ mobil V3.1.8.1    
WinPQ mobile software for PQ analysis

Another version of WinPQ mobil has been released for PQ-Box 100/150/200. 
We are sure that a very popular improvement for our many users will be that now the clicking on a .pqf data file via Windows Explorer will open WinPQ mobil with that data file loaded. A very handy feature!

Also included:

  • Dataconverter current factor can be set to value <1
  • Correction to 3-second data class appearances and CSV export
  • Reworked CSV export features including:
    • main options now available via the Export dialog box, with hot link to ‘Setup’ ‘Export’ dialog
    • progress bar showing export status
    • fill gaps option – where zeros are inserted for time periods where PQ-Box may have been powered down mid-recording.

See our website Technical Library for links to the new software.



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