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        The Ultimate Feeder Protection Solution    

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Moving forward

Brand loyalty is a powerful thing. Once a customer has had a favourable experience with a brand they are inclined to stick with that brand for other applications. As the individual products within that brand reach maturity and are phased out, a good brand will have a replacement ready that is a ‘no brainer’ for customers to move to. A common expectation for the new product is that it moves your organisation forward with better performance, better functionality and better value.

However on occasions, the offered replacement isn’t a ‘no brainer’ for your specific application – which really puts your brand loyalty to the test. A forced change is a great opportunity for you to go back to first principles and again consider your overall needs. There may well be a better solution from another industry trusted brand that better suits your network needs. If you are in that situation, give us a call at HV Power – we have the application engineers, support staff and training expertise to make your change to the Siemens brand protection relays a decision you will look back on as a ‘no brainer’.


Warwick Beech


Yes, a bold claim, but consider these features of the SIPROTEC 5 7SJ82:

  • Directional or non-directional overcurrent protection with auto reclose option
  • Arc flash protection (3 sensors, with point and/or bare-fibre sensors)
  • Up to 23 binary inputs and 16 binary outputs
  • Frequency monitoring with multi-stage load shedding
  • 1 or 5 A CT's inputs selected by software – no need for different relay hardware
  • Version with 8 CT inputs for breaker and half schemes or Capacitor bank protection applications.
  • Small LCD display, or large LCD for use as HMI and custom control/display screen
  • Fundamental design includes advanced cyber protection features
  • Field upgradeable communication card
    • Serial copper or fibre for DNP
    • Ethernet copper or fibre for DNP-iP, IEC 61850 or both protocols simultaneously (this allows for DNP to SCADA and IEC 61850 Goose messages for interlocking functions to other relays)
  • Time sync via IRIG-B or with above Ethernet SCADA interface: NTP or PTP protocols
  • USB front port and separate rear Ethernet interface for remote engineering access
  • Industry-leading online and offline logic monitoring tools for development, testing and commissioning
  • Function point licencing allows additional functions to be added after order. Depending upon hardware version, features include adding sync check, reverse power, CB fail, CB restrike protection, fault location or phasor measurement
Siemens Fusesaver
Siemens SIPROTEC 5 Arc monitoring
Siemens SIPROTEC 7SJ82 Overcurrent protection relay with point arc flash. Line sensor not shown.

The 7SJ82 is the non-modular entry into Siemens SIPROTEC 5 overcurrent protection range. The 7SJ85 is the modular version, which allows expansion modules to be added providing more current, voltage or binary I/O, SCADA or arc interfaces. All SIPROTEC 5 units are supported by the one software tool “DIGSI 5” which is used for design through to commissioning and maintenance.

Contact us now for a demo.


      Fusesaver Communication Modules    

What are the functions of the Fusesaver Communications Module?

The Fusesaver Communication Modules can be fitted permanently to a Fusesaver, or temporarily fitted. Let’s look at these two main options.

Fitting the Communication Module temporarily allows:

  • A change in settings to be uploaded to the Fusesaver
  • The performance data stored in the Fusesaver to be downloaded (event data, load profile data and reliability data)
  • The Fusesaver to be open/closed by hot-stick using the red/green buttons, or operated remotely via a laptop

Fitting the Communication Module permanently allows:

  • All of the above
  • Three Fusesaver’s operating in ganged mode, communicating to each other to provide simultaneous three phase trip and close
  • Permanent communications to a pole-mounted Remote Control that connects to your SCADA via your selected communication interface. The Remote Control provides field staff local indication and control via push button
Siemens Fusesaver
Fusesaver communication module.


      SIPROTEC 5, DIGSI 5 (Version 7.8)    

SIPROTEC 5 firmware Version 7.8 is now being rolled out for SIPROTEC 5 relays, together with DIGSI 5 version 7.8. New features include the following.

A feature of 7.8 is Role-based Access Control (RBAC) enabling a higher level of cyber security. Used with RADIUS/ACTIVE Directory tools, this feature allows Ethernet access to be limited by user/group with either full access, read-only access or no access. Note that RBAC is optional and requires appropriate function points.

Web Browers
An upgraded and expanded web interface is provided (but can be disabled, or access limited by RBAC). The web interface allows the display of operational measures, fault logs, and setting values. This upgrade provides a new look and feel (to match that standardised with the A-8000 series RTU we offer). Future releases will support the download of operational log and fault logs via web interface.

Dual DNP3 TCP Masters
Dual DNP3 masters are now supported on the one Ethernet SCADA communication module.

DIGSI 5 Software (Version 7.8)
A welcome addition with Version 7.8 is that from this point onwards that the device drivers no longer need to be reinstalled after an upgrade. User-definable Application Templates are now also supported, which allows you to define ‘typical configurations’ that can be used in designs – even where the hardware may not be identical.

Download the V7.8 brochure
For more information, download the V7.8 information sheet

Siemens SIP5 Role Based Access Control
SIPROTEC 5 Role-based Access Control

With the release of DIGSI 7.8, most manuals have been updated to reflect the new functions. To aid our customers we have:

  1. Updated our website technical library with the common SIPROTEC/DIGSI 5 V7.8 manuals (in the Are you new....? section)
  2. Added a DIGSI 5 version 7.8 download section to our Service Provider webpage. Contact us for access details. However, do not upgrade to DIGSI 7.8 if the organisation you are supporting is using a earlier version - they will not be able to open any files you update.


      SIPROTEC 5 – Paralleling Device 7VE85    
SIP5 7VE85 paralleling device

The SIPROTEC 5 7VE85 Paralleling device is now available, and supports 1.5 and 2 channel synchronisation. The 7VE85 provides generator balancing commands and works with up to 8 breakers. Like the other SIP5 modular hardware and function point flexibility features, the 7VE85 can combine synchronisation and protection in the one device.

Contact us for more information.


      PQI-DA smart – low-cost fixed installed Class A Power Quality Recorder    
      This is truly an impressive Power Quality monitoring device which caters to many different needs. PQI-DA smart has the measurement capability similar to A.Eberle’s Portable PQ-Box 150 Analyser. For sites without comms infrastructure, the unit can be fitted with a memory card to store data at site, ready for manual uplift. At sites with comms, real-time data can be streamed to a desktop or database.

PQI-DA smart
PQI-DA smart power quality recorder.

New firmware has been released for the PQI-DA smart (Version 1.8.6) which contains a number of improvements including support for a wider range of CT ratios. The 'WinPQ smart' software for settings/download of data remains at version 4.3.4.


      Siemens A8000 Protocol Converter    

We have gained considerable experience with the SICAM A8000 series of RTU's with the design of our ring main automation controller. Our experience shows the A8000 can be a very useful protocol converter when you need to convert between MODBUS/DNP/IEC 61850.  For that application, substation grade hardware starts from just $1300 +GST. Give us a call to see how easy, flexible and powerful an A-8000 solution can become for your distribution network.

A8000 CP-8021 protocol converter
SICAM A8000 Protocol Converter (CP-8021 with power supply).

This is not an ‘entry level’ single-use product. The A8000 module features integrated crypto chip and IPsec encryption – a growing requirement for today’s communication networks. A higher performance CP-8050 version is available with more Ethernet interfaces, integrated firewall, firmware signature requirements preventing firmware manipulation, SYSLOG security logging and role-based access control.

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