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        Using PTP time protocol with non-PTP equipment    

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Photo - Warwick Beech


IT vs OT

In a recent presentation to HV Power by Siemens AG staff, the differentiation was made between IT and OT equipment (Information Technology vs Operation Technology). This is in relation to the ever-increasing use of Ethernet within the substation: for SCADA, remote engineering access, and directly at the process level. Traditionally, IT has been limited to office and corporate computer environments. But the same connectivity technology is increasingly becoming an essential backbone to devices connected out in the physical world; from traffic lights through to power systems devices with high criticality (like circuit breakers controlling the HV grid).

There is a lot to learn from the IT world for us ‘OT- centric’ people - especially about security. Conversely there is also a lot in our OT world that’s foreign to IT. Consider the criticality of PTP protocols being used to ‘stabilise’ PMU and Line Differential systems, or PRP and HSR architecture specific to protection schemes using state of the art relays.

Speaking from an OT perspective, we must reach out and grab hold of IT expertise and be prepared to embrace the best IT practice. But keep in mind that typical IT experience is limited with regards to the specific environmental demands and special protocols of the substation.



Warwick Beech

PTP Translator

Follow this link to Tekron’s web site for a bulletin detailing a practical application where PTP time protocol has been used to provide accuracy, redundancy and simplicity of installation – AND in a manner that also supports older non-PTP devices..


      Have you seen the IRIG-B Analyser?    
Tekron IRIG-B Analyzer

HV Power has a demonstrator IRIG-B Analyser available and we can report times when those evaluating the unit have confirmed its usefulness by buying their own one.

To find out more about its capabilities, call us for a demo or see Tekron’s video demonstrating its use.



      A.Eberle ‘MULTIAPP’ – Reference tool    
A.Eberle Multi-app tool

A.Eberle has released a new reference tool for Apple and Android devices. Search and download from the app store ‘MULTIAPP’ from A.Eberle.

The two highlights of the tool are:

  • The publication ‘Measure and regulate in high voltage networks’ which is more than just information about A.Eberle’s voltage regulators. It also includes basic measurement and calculation principles for HV systems.
  • A calculation tool for the parallel operation of two transformers.


      Power Quality Analyser Software update    
PQ-Box 150 and PQ-Box 200 Power Quality Analysers

A.Eberle has released version of their popular WinPQ mobil software (for PQ-Box 100/150/200’s).

This new version of software includes (compared to

  • Bug fix for the rate-of-frequency change trigger
  • Updates to the user manual

A link to download this software is available from our web site Technical Library.



      SIPROTEC 5 Push Button Module    

SIPROTEC 5 expansion modules can be added to most SIPROTEC 5 relays to provide more binary inputs, outputs, current and/or voltage inputs, mA inputs, arc flash inputs or more communication ports.

SIPROTEC 5 Push Button module
SIPROTEC 5 Push Button front panel option.

With each expansion module there is a choice of the front panel type provided:

  • Blank
  • With 32 Red LEDs
  • With 32 Red LEDs + 2 x key switch (Local-Remote, Interlocking OFF-Normal)
  • With 8 x push buttons and LED’s

The option for 8 push buttons is a recent addition, making the SIPROTEC 5 series even more flexible and powerful. The 8 push button option is ideal for industrial applications, or where a very human-friendly (simple) local control function is required. Note that the push buttons mimic the F1-F8 function keys and must be used in that manner.

When selecting some of these expansion module front panel types, there are some rules about valid combinations and permitted relative positions. Not all expansion modules support the 8 push button options and only one push button and one key switch front panel can be used per relay. We can let you know these options if you’re interested.


      EEA 2017    
HV Power at EEA in 2017

HV Power will be exhibiting products at this month’s EEA Conference. With the rapid adoption of Siemens Ring Main Unit by New Zealand utilities, we will be having a larger space to give you an opportunity to take a closer look at some RMU configurations. We will be right in the centre of the EEA trade-show area at stands 107/108.

We look forward to seeing you there!



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