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Photo - Warwick Beech


EEA 2018

For those who did not attend the 2018 EEA trade show at Sky City this month, this newsletter covers the highlights of items HV Power displayed.  Thanks to all those who stopped by to discuss their projects, took the opportunity to swing on the handle of our 8DJH Ring Main Unit, and checked out our implementation of an automatic voltage change-over scheme.

Several customers also visited our Ring Main Unit production facility to see what was in stock and check out examples of customer orders being assembled. The feedback was very positive, with a variety of automated and non-automated units available for inspection. The opportunity to visit is always available on request.

We look forward to seeing you at EEA 2019 (which again will be at Sky City, Auckland).


Warwick Beech


Siemens has appointed HV Power the rights to supply and support Fusesaver in the New Zealand market. This adds another Siemens product to the HV Power portfolio, making HV Power (nearly) the one-stop-shop in NZ for all Siemens protection and MV products.

Fusesaver sits logically with HV Power’s representation of other Siemens MV switchgear and network automation products, making it easier for customers to remember who to contact for what. HV Power has several years of experience with Siemens MV indoor and outdoor switchgear, and even more years of providing outstanding support for the deeply technical items like Siemens protection and network automation products. This experience, plus our customer-focused approach, make HV Power the preferred partner to support the network engineer with the Fusesaver selection/setup and the technician/SCADA staff with the remote communication and automation functions.

Thanks to those customers at EEA who expressed interest in working with HV Power going forward.

Siemens Fusesaver
Siemens Fusesaver with communication module

Fusesaver highlights

As we begin promoting Fusesaver three aspects are highly noteworthy.

  • Three models, to suit different load currents. Yes, Fusesaver can be used on very lightly loaded lines; the most sensitive unit requires just 0.15 A of load current to ‘self-power’.
  • Ganged operation. Adding the retrofittable communication module allows three Fusesavers to act together, providing three phase tripping.
  • Options for onsite download of performance data, or remote monitoring (and control!)


      Ring Main Unit – Automated & Automation Ready options!    

At EEA we displayed an 8DJH RRT with our Level 2 Automation scheme (see RMU brochure). As well as demonstrating Level 1 ‘telecontrol’ of the ring switches, our EEA example self-contained automation scheme was also configured with logic for a voltage change-over scheme. The enabled us to also demonstrate Level 2 loop automation capabilities where, if power was lost on one incoming feeder, the RMU would automatically open that feeder and connect to the backup feeder (and vice versa).

Our EEA example also showed (mounted on the side of the RMU) the ‘retrofit’ kit that can be installed into existing non-automated ring mains, upgrading them to ‘automated’. All ring main units can be factory automated, but this option allows customers to delay investment until it's actually needed, and site upgrade only those units when needed. Another great value proposition for 8DJH!

Siemens 8DJH RMU automation controller
Under the RMU covers showing the automation controller


      New Ring Main brochure    

To help customers understand the main configuration and enclosure options available for the Siemens 8DJH series of Ring Main Units, HV Power has published our own Ring Main brochure. This shows the preferred New Zealand configurations and introduces monitoring and automation options. A copy of the Ring Main brochure and enclosure data sheet are accessible from our MV switchgear section of our website or directly via:

HV Power Ring Main Unit brochure
Class B – Bosecker enclosure technical data sheet
Class B – Siemens flat pad enclosure technical data sheet

Siemens 8DJH RMU brochure
HV Power's RMU brochure


      HV Power short form brochure    

We have updated our short form catalogue (line card) that introduces HV Power, our product ranges, and our staff. Now that we have reached the significant milestone of 20 employees, our short form only has the space to include the bio's of those staff that have direct customer involvement. Check out our website contact us section for details on our other staff.

HV Power June 2018 Short Form
HV Power June 2018 Short Form

Download a copy of our short form brochure (at the bottom of our website homepage http://www.hvpower.co.nz)


      SMART NAVIGATOR 2.0    

The Horstmann SMART NAVIGATOR 2.0 has completed its field trials, and is now rolling off the production line. There is an initial backlog of international customer demand to be filled, but we expect the product to become generally available soon. This initial release of the SMART NAVIGATOR 2.0 has some caveats.

  • The SMART NAVIGATOR master unit can support up to 8 clients. That is, one GSM contactable master unit can be the gateway to a set of 3, 6 or 9 FPIs. The clients must be within 100 metres of the master.
  • GSM communication must be to Horstmann’s iHost cloud service. Direct DNP connectivity is not yet supported. iHost offers a cloud-based web interface, ideal for rapid deployment. Email and SMS alerting functions are standard, so you don’t need to keep checking the web page. iHost can also be supplied on a server physical located on your premises – this offers the advantage of providing DNP connectivity to your SCADA.
  • Requires a 5 A current (averaged over 24 hours) to maintain line-powered functions.


  • Short-Circuit (> 50 A) and Earth Fault Indicator (> 7 A)
  • Integrated 3G/4G modem for easy communication – no box on the pole
  • Load flow monitoring
  • Self-powered (+ 72 hour backup battery)
  • Communication to and remote configuration from iHOST cloud
  • Local communication via USB radio stick
  • Fits most conductor sizes - cable diameters up to 33 mm
  • Operation temperature range of -40 to +85°C
  • No moisture ingress - IP 68 rated
  • For 11, 22 and 33 kV circuits
  • Current withstand - 25 kA / 3 sec
  • Event based reporting
    • TRIP / Fault Indication
    • Short Circuit and Earth Fault
    • Distinction between momentary and permanent faults
    • Fault Current Magnitude and duration
    • Time Stamp
    • Loss of Current
    • Reset of Indication (Current, Voltage, Time, Manual)
    • Low Battery
  • Time interval reporting (15 minutes)
    • Load Current Monitoring (Accuracy +/-2A for 0 to 10 A, 3% for 10 to 600 A, 10% for 600 A and above)
    • Average and peak load current
    • Ambient and conductor temperature (+/- 5 degrees)
    • Load Flow Direction
    • Status of overhead-line (Current presence)
    • Health checks and battery status

Note: Earth Fault detection method is an algorithm that depends upon operation of upstream protection for the indication of an earth fault. If the line current increases by more than the setting (IE>, being a minimum of 7 A) for a duration of more than tIE, and the FPI detects loss of line voltage (within 60 seconds) due to upstream protection operation, the FPI will flash to indicate that the ‘earth fault’ is downstream of the device.


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