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        EEA 2021 – Getting your grid working    

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Photo - Mike Strong


Our workshop is full of switchgear under construction. If you are in Auckland, it is a great time to pay us a visit to view the 8DJH in many various configurations. We also have 8DJH36 and NXPlus C on the workshop floor. Come on in and see a selection of solutions we have for your applications.


Mike Strong


Photo - Warwick Beech

Working at HV Power is fun! One of the fun things is the variety of work. This week varied from helping a customer looking to replace some 30-year-old GEC CAG electromechanical relays through to undertaking research on Process Bus and Merging Units for future substation designs.


Warwick Beech




We are gearing up for a huge display at EEA in Wellington on 30 June and 1 July.

After the cancellation of EEA 2020 and with lots of exciting developments occurring in our business, we are making a ‘splash’ and a major growth announcement at this year’s EEA. We look forward to seeing you there.

EEA 2021

      8DJH Ring Main on tour    

Our staff were on the road again with Siemens 8DJH Ring Main unit and the Class B outdoor enclosure (flat pad mounting). The trip focused on those not currently using the 8DJH unit. But if you missed out, we will be showing  the 8DJH and other network switchgear at EEA 2021.

Siemens flat-pad Class B outdoor RMU enclosure, on concrete plinth
Siemens flat-pad Class B outdoor RMU enclosure, on concrete plinth.



      Change to REG-D / REG-DA enclosures with PEDsv    

REG-D and REG-DA Voltage Regulators supplied with the PEDsv SCADA communication card are now supplied with ventilated enclosures. With the higher processing power of the PEDsv to support Process Bus and other advanced application, additional heat is generated, requiring the ventilated enclosures. This only applies to units with PED-SV.

REG-DA enclosure venting with PED-SV
RED-DA venting when supplied with PED-SV SCADA card (top and sides)


REG-D enclosure venting with PED-SV
RED-D venting when supplied with PED-SV SCADA card (top and bottom)


      SIPROTEC 5 Protection Relays and DIGSI 5 v8.60    
SIP5 7VE85 paralleling device

DIGSI 5 version 8.60 and corresponding firmware has been released for SIPROTEC 5 relays. The power and features of these relays was already impressive – but even more so now.

. Highlights of recent enhancements include:

  • Using one line protection relay of two parallel lines. As the relay is aware of each line’s currents, the mutual coupling can be calculated and taken into account.
  • Improvements in the fault locator (two ended measurement), so for line differential applications, auto-reclosing can be blocked if the fault location is indicated to be in a cable section.
  • Significant improvements in PTP (Precision Time Protocol), such as PTP can now be used for time synchronisation of the protection data interface (rather than pulse per second).
  • The Protection Data Interface link between two-line differential relays can now be via Ethernet interface (using MPLS).
  • For 7SD series, upgrading from two terminal to three, to four etc is now via function points rather than different hardware.
  • Measuring Point Disconnect – measuring points can be software ‘disconnected’, allowing breaker and half relays to ignore current injection that may be occurring on one segment, while normal protection is provided on the other.
  • Process bus – two streams can now be published with one interface, reducing the hardware required

See the Siemens website for more information on:


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