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  MORE than a supplier     HV Power Customer Newsletter March 2020    
        Our business - Level 4 status    

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It is business as usual (as far as possible) for HV Power. One of our customers considers us to be a supplier to an essential service, and the supply chain to them must remain. Therefore, we will continue to accept and process orders, and provide technical support throughout the Level 4 lock-down period.

We respect our staff’s desires to be with their families at this time. Where possible they will be working from home, but our standard phone and email contacts will still work. They also have remote access into our business systems. Our support staff have taken their favourite test platforms with them, so they can use those for support purposes. Where work is required in our factory, or inventory is to be shipped, this will be limited to essential works, with work spaces reorganised to allow increased separation of staff.

Please contact the Directors of HV Power (Mike Strong, Warwick Beech) if you have any questions regarding essential supply chain issues for your network.

Looking at our supply chain, there have been some delays to switchgear deliveries, but Siemens’ China factory is getting back up and running. As most switchgear is sent via sea freight from China and takes a while to get here, we have not been badly affected to date. However, we have just had the last of China ‘pre-shut-down’ equipment arrive, so there will be a dip in our supply chain for about 6 weeks due to the disruption in China. We have shifted some orders to the German factory, but due to the large spike in their factory demand and with more restrictions occurring in Germany, the outcome is that China deliveries are offering the best solution.

Some technology product lines have been affected by a couple of weeks of delay. Labour restrictions in Germany may have some upcoming effect. Some of our suppliers are also noticing the knock-on effect of delayed subcomponents sourced from China. However, the main effect to date is the longer airfreight transit times. This is due to less planes flying and non-perishable freight being ‘bumped’ in favour of perishable goods.

It’s an evolving situation with everyone doing their best. It is really hard to give reliable delivery advice with so many variables and unknowns in the mix. We’ll keep you updated as we find out more.



Convid-19 is having a major effect on the international stock market and exchange rates. In the past few weeks we have seen large movements in the Euro and other rates.

Our standard quotations are issued in NZ$, but based on a stated exchange rate. In line with our terms and conditions of sale, when goods arrive into the country, we consider the actual exchange rate and adjust our invoice to that rate by adding a variation line to the invoice (if needed).  There is no change to this method, which we have been using for the last 25 years. We just wanted to remind you how this works, as we have been fortunate to have stable rates for quite some time. However, with the large movements we are now seeing, variations may become more significant.

It is possible by agreement (but with an added finance charge) to lock in a fixed New Zealand dollar price.

We have just recalculated all our pricing in our quoting tool based on new rates. There is an upward movement in all pricing.


      SIPROTEC 5 – What to do with the SCD file?    

It’s a technical support question that is being asked more often as more schemes use IEC 61850. ‘How do you load and SCD file to a SIPROTEC 5 relay?’

You don’t. You link the SCD file to the DIGSI 5 project file, and the required information is loaded to the relay as part of the setting file. This linking needs to be checked each time a DIGSI 5 Project is opened on a PC for the first time, or when an existing SCD File(s) is moved or renamed.

To help, we have written up DIGSI-5-QN0024   ‘DIGSI 5 QUICK NOTES, DIGSI 5 and SCD files’. A copy of this can be downloaded from our website Protection Relay Technical Library.


      DIGSI 4 V 4.94 supports Windows 7 & 10    

DIGSI 4 version 4.94 has been released. DIGSI 4 supports SIPROTEC 4, SIPROTEC 3 and SIPROTEC Compact series of protection relays.

The good news is that this latest release (DIGSI 4.94) offers expanded support for both Windows 7 and Windows 10 operating system. Some earlier versions only supported one or the other, so the release of 4.94 will be welcome news to those who have staff using a mix of operating systems.

DIGSI 4 version Windows 7 (with SP1) Windows 7 (with SP1)
4.94 Ultimate/Enterprise /Pro 64-bit
Permitted but not tested:
Ultimate/Enterprise /Pro 32-bit
Pro/Enterprise 64 bit
4.93 Ultimate  64- bit Yes - but unsupported
4.92 Ultimate/Enterprise /Pro 32-bit & 64-bit Yes
4.91 Ultimate/Enterprise /Pro 32-bit & 64-bit Yes
4.87 Ultimate/Enterprise /Pro 32-bit & 64-bit No
4.85 Ultimate/Enterprise /Pro 32-bit & 64-bit No

[4.94 does not allow Windows 7 Starter, Home Basic, Home Premium, or Windows 8]

Please consult the Product Information documents for full compatibility information.


      New PT100 cards require updated REG-D/DA firmware    

This is a heads-up, as we are still sorting out some of the fine detail. A new PT100 card is being used in A.Eberle REG-D/DA voltage regulator relays (where temperature monitoring via PT100 is specified). The new PT100 is the same size/shape, but requires the REG-D/DA firmware to be 2.15 or later (2.27 preferably) to operate.

When the full details are understood, we will contact those companies whose standard designs may be affected. This requirement will need to be kept in mind where older regulators are upgraded to add temperature measurement, or existing PT100 modules replaced. If a regulator in a parallel scheme requires a firmware upgraded, all relays in the scheme must have their firmware upgraded.


      PQ-Box 50 is now here!    

The first A.Eberle PQ-Box 50 Power Quality Analysers has arrived in New Zealand. The PQ-Box 50 is a replacement for the PQ-Box 100 (which is now over 10 years old in design – but still available for those who insist). The PQ-Box 50 offers similar measurements to the PQ-Box 100, but is more compact. However, the PQ-Box 50 does not have local display – rather you use WinPQ mobil software via USB, Wi-Fi, or via Wi-Fi and a new smart phone app! [Android and IOS supported] The App allows for both setup and monitoring measurements of the PQ-Box 50.

PQ-Box 50 Power Quality Analyzer PQ-Box 50 Power Quality Analyzer App
PQ-Box 50 and App.

Download PQ-Box 50 datasheet and contact us to find out more about the very popular PQ-Box series that cover all your PQ needs.


      Roadshow with ‘NXPlus C’ switchgear    

Our ‘NXPlus C’ roadshow was completed Monday this week. Thanks to all those from Kaitaia to Invercargill and everywhere in-between who hosted our presentations. We added in a few more stops on this 5,000 km trip, this time taking just over four weeks to do the return circuit.

For those who missed the opportunity to see this 11/22/33kV primary rated board, please see our website.

To help support our expanded range of switchgear, we have created our “Switchgear Division Shortform”, which outlines our 11, 22 and 33 kV switchgear range. A handy product gallery provides the key features.

HV Power Switchgear shortform
HV Power's switchgear shortform


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