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  MORE than a supplier     HV Power Customer Newsletter May 2017    
        Case Studies on Line Fault Indicators    

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Photo - Warwick Beech


Growing pains

Sales of Siemens 8DJH are now really starting to flow, with HV Power leasing additional Auckland premises to allow us to store and provide space to customise ring main units to our customers’ specifications. Fork lifts, hoists, etc are quite a departure from our traditional material-handing tools (a straight back and bending at the knees). Hand tools are now as common as our traditional laptops and relay test set.

However, that said, we will never lose sight of the protective relay business - the traditional backbone of our business. This is best demonstrated by the appointment of our most recent employee, Howard Wardley, who has been taken on to focus on our protection products portfolio.

The good news is that HV Power is growing in staff, forklifts, and premises – with the common aim of continuing to be your preferred ‘hands-on’ supplier.



Warwick Beech

LFI / FPI case studies

MV Technology Solutions, our master supplier of Horstmann Fault Passage Indicators has compiled two very informative case studies on Australian utilities experiences.

Please download these documents, and feel free to contact HV Power for more information on the Horstmann Navigator overhead FPI and their range of underground fault passage indicators.


      Taking care of rechargeable batteries (Li ion)    
PQ-Box 100 battery care

This advice comes from A.Eberle with regard to their PQ-Box Power Quality Analyser batteries, but applies to any rechargeable ‘Li ion’ type.

If the device is going to be inactive for a long period, then to conserve battery life, it is best to store the battery at 15 deg C with a charge of 60%. Every six months, charge the battery to 55-75% again. This recommendation is the best trade-off between accelerated ageing and self-discharge.


      Controlling Power Flow    
REG-D and REG-DA Voltage Regulator control power flow

A.Eberle has released a technical note on using REG-D/DA Voltage Regulators for controlling phase shifting transformers. Please download this technical note.

Phase shifting transformers are not that common, and at a distribution level, dealing with reverse power flow is more likely to be a problem to consider. HV Power also have technical notes relating to dealing with reverse power flow in our website Technical Library.


      What so good about PTP Precision Time Protocol?    
PTP - what is so good?

Tekron’s technical expert, Quentin Griffiths, has published an item on PTP Precision Time Protocol. This introduction covers the basics of PTP and its support of multiple clock sources. PTP is the ideal protocol as it offers the highest level of redundancy by automatically selecting the next best clock source should the master fail. PTP is a very powerful, yet simple, time sync protocol to use!

See this publication on Tekron's website.



      Do you have projects using Tekron ITRs?    
Tekron ITR Isolated Timing Repeater

Contact HV Power for an update if you have Isolated Timing Repeaters (ITRs, MOFRs) in an upcoming project. In a move to more efficient manufacturing methods, Tekron has divided the range into preferred and non-preferred versions, with delivery of 6 and 12 weeks respectively. The pricing structure has also changed.



      Self-Powered Protection Relays & Circuit Breaker Trip Mechanisms    
Siemens Reyrolle self powered relay

There is surprisingly little detailed introductory information on self-powered tripping mechanisms for switchgear. Perhaps the low cost nature of these solutions does not warrant much investment in training material, or the fact that customers simply rely on switchgear manufacturers to provide a turnkey solution.

Siemens/Reyrolle make a number of self-powered relays for switchgear. The Reyrolle application note below gives details on the two main types of devices available.

Download “Reyrolle – Application Note Protection Devices in facilities without reliable auxiliary power supply APN-001”.



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