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        Tekron - Guide to installing GPS Clocks    

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Photo - Warwick Beech


Behind the scenes

At HV Power we strive to maintain the capability to knowledgeably support customers using the products we supply. Behind the scenes, that comes down to not only the skills and experience of the individuals in HV Power’s team, but also their attitude and the resources we provide.

It’s rewarding when a major customer goes out of their way to acknowledge the difference our staff have made; to be told their efforts are visible and that HV Power’s excellent support continues even when some of the face or roles have changed.

HV Power was founded on the philosophy of adding value to every customer interaction and our people being accessible to customers. Behind the scenes we invest a lot of time and effort into training our staff on our products so they can add this value, as well as instilling a customer-centric culture.

So to remind you who is 'behind the scenes' at HV Power, our website has been updated with the new faces, roles and direct-dial numbers. However, another convenient method to access support is via 0800 HV CALL (0800 48 22 55).


Warwick Beech


Tekron staff have compiled an easy clock installation guide to help get things started. The guide covers everything from physical installation of the clock and correctly setting up firewalls, to using the software configuration tool. Use this link to download a copy

Tekron offers a range of ‘world class’ locally designed and manufactured GPS clocks supporting IRIG-B, serial strings, NTP and PTP protocols. Talk to us today to discuss the optimum solution for your needs.


      PQ_Box 300 Power Quality Analyser    
PQ-Box 300

First featured back in November 2017, we are now supporting a couple of customers using A.Eberle’s PQ-Box 300, and being privy to some interesting analysis. This leading-edge PQ-Box has the capability to measure Supraharmonics (up to the 3000th harmonic - see April 2018 newsletter for more details). It is also the first of the PQ-Boxes to feature in-built Wifi (which will becoming available later in the year for new PQ-Box 150’s and 200’s).

With the introduction of more measurements including max/min supraharmonics, we have written our 15th PQ-Box Hints and Tips document to summarise the different max/min values available and how each is time-stamped. See our website technical library.


      A.Eberle 5-year Warranty    

With the field-proven reliability of their products, devices supplied from A-Eberle from the start of 2018 now come with an enhanced warranty.

  • Fixed installed products e.g.: REG-D/DA= 5 years
  • Portable products (e.g. PQ-Box’s) = 3 years
  • Accessories and devices manufactured by others = 1 year

For a one-off charge at time of purchase, the fixed installed devices can be supplied with a 10-year warranty. Contact us for details.


      Transformer Condition Monitoring - Online DGA for multiple transformers    
MTE Hydrocal online DGA

Complementing the existing HYDROCAL range, the HYDROCAL 100x series is nearing completion of its first field testing. This multi-gas-in-oil analysis system monitors a bank of up to three single-phase transformers located close to each other. The wall-mounted system individually measures moisture in oil and the key gases of hydrogen, carbon monoxide, acetylene and ethylene dissolved in the transformer oil, using a smart sampling system that samples oil from each tank via three separate oil channels. It is a centralised alternative to the direct mounting of a traditional ‘HYDROCAL’ on the drain valve of each individual transformer.

Contact us for more details.


      Under the covers and behind the scenes at HV Power    

In our workshop, a Siemens 8DJH “RLLLL” (1 x Ring Switch, 4 x Circuit Breaker) panel is undergoing final configuration with custom wiring being added for a customer. The panel is fully motorised/automated – with additional 200 mm high LV cubicles being used for the additional wiring.

Please contact us if you would like a chance to take a closer look at some standard RMU and customised solutions we are working on. We welcome those considering a change of RMU supplier to come and have a look 'behind the scenes' at HV Power. If you’re an out of towner coming EEA this year, we’re happy to arrange a time. We expect to have several RMU configurations being worked on our shop floor during that week.

Siemens 8DJH RMU
Under the covers and behind the scenes of Siemens 8DJH


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