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Photo - Warwick Beech


Life should be easy

Savvy manufacturers of IEDs continually strive to find the right mix of improved software tools, forward and backward compatibility of firmware and hardware versions, implementation of new security standards, and of course robust quality testing. Releases of software and firmware enhancements need to be balanced with the consideration of the time and effort required for customers to manage and implement them.

At HV Power we have been supporting WinREG 3.8 for users of REG-D/DA voltage regulator firmware version 2.20 for many years and similarly WinREG 3.9 for FW 2.23. We are now moving to WinREG 4.1.2, which is a new ‘universal’ tool, supporting all firmware versions from 1.99 onwards.  We will be encouraging our customers to make this change too.

So I use this editorial to give A.Eberle public acknowledgement for making life a bit easier with the introduction of a more universal (software) tool. You will also see that other product groups in A.Eberle have been busy too, with new power quality products and updated tools – making life easier.


Warwick Beech

Holiday hours

For your project planning and forward ordering, please note that HV Power’s offices will close on the afternoon of Thursday 21 December 2017 and will reopen on Monday 8 January 2018.

We will be monitoring our main office phone for messages during the Christmas period, so if you need urgent support this will be the best way to get in touch with us (that is, phone '0800 HV CALL' [0800 48 22 55]).


      Welcome new staff    

Payam Hamidi
This month we welcome Payam Hamidi to the position of Technical support engineer - SCADA, Software and Communications. Payam is an Iranian electrical engineer who has recently migrated from Oman. His experience with SCADA systems includes working with RTUs, substation automation, substation networks, IED integration, SCADA control centres and telecommunication systems for SCADA systems. His appointment significantly beefs up HV Power’s technical support resources for automation, networking and communication technologies that increasingly all come under the heading of Operational Technologies.

Shank Paramanathan
We are pleased to welcome Shank back to HV Power. He returns to us to take on responsibility for a key local customer account and also territory responsibilities for Queensland and NSW with our expanding A.Eberle business. Shank will be working out of our Auckland office, with regular visits to customers in Australia.


      NEW Siemens Class B RMU enclosure now available    

In conjunction with Siemens, HV Power have developed a new ‘flat-pad Class B enclosure’. This unit provides outdoor class B compliance, which is critical for all network ring main units accessible to the public – especially where switching is initiated remotely or happens autonomously.

‘Flat-pad’ refers to the design being able to be mounted on a flat foundation pad, as its arc compliance is fully ‘built-in’ with internal baffles. The unit does not require a specific below-ground void/chamber to perform to specification, making the design ideal for sites where ground water can alter the volume of ‘venting space’ and hence void compliance in some designs.

Siemens flat-pad Class B outdoor RMU enclosure, on concrete plinth
Siemens flat-pad Class B outdoor RMU enclosure, on concrete plinth

Independently type-tested to IEC 62271-202, the enclosure ensures maximum safety for network operating staff as well as the general public as the new enclosure is internal arc classified as:

  • IAC A (authorised personnel) Front, Lateral and Rear
  • IAC B (unrestricted accessibility including public) Front, Lateral and Rear

The new flat-pad design is available in two sizes:

  • 3-functions, 1890 mm wide x 916 mm deep x 1640 mm high
  • 4-functions, 2320 mm wide x 916 mm deep x 1640 mm high.

The enclosure is specifically designed for the 630 A Siemens 11/22 kV ‘8DJH’ Ring Main Units. The 3-function enclosure has space for three ring main functions (panels) and an automation cubicle, while the 4-function enclosure can fit four ring main functions and an automation cubicle. Three/four 8DJH panels can be accommodated in any mix/order of:

  • Ring switch
  • Transformer fused feeder
  • Circuit breaker

The enclosure material is galvanised steel with powder coating. A flat concrete mounting pad is also available for both sizes.

HV Power also continues to offer the ‘Bosecker’ range of stainless steel enclosures where larger panel combinations or more complex protection and automation schemes need to be accommodated.

Please contact Mike Strong (09 377 2001) if you would like to visit our Auckland Ring Main Warehouse to take a look at this product.



The Horstmann series of FPI devices are proving to be popular, with several customers moving from field trials of the products to larger volume standard/project deployment. We are now dealing with a whole new level of customers as the product moves further into the different utilities organisations. Hence a recap on what’s what is in order:

Horstmann NAVIGATOR LM The non-communicating, LED flashing-only LFI. Features automatic load-tracking, which means no settings are required – simply install with a hot-stick and the job is done.


These devices communicate to pole-mount SMART REPORTER/KIWI REPORTER, where a DNP map is provided for communication to SCADA.

Horstmann SMART NAVIGATOR SMART NAVIGATOR – the standard red visual indication and remote communication of status. Includes the measurement of line current and fault parameters.
Horstmann SMART NAVIGATOR HV SMART NAVIGATOR HV – Like above, but conductor temperature is also measured and reported to SCADA.
Horstmann SMART NAVIGATOR Directional SMART NAVIGATOR HV DCFI – This is the directional device, flashing red or green depending upon the fault direction. Ideal for use on ring circuits or lines with back feeds. Also reports status, current and line temperature to SCADA.

Pole-mounted SCADA interface that monitors up to 12 FPI devices (within a 30-metre radius)

Horstmann SMART REPORTER SMART REPORTER is available in a 230 Vac or solar powered version. A low power GSM modem, or a customer-supplied modem can be fitted (12 V, 500 mA maximum loading). The SMART REPORTER is provided in a convenient mounting polyester enclosure.
KIWIREPORTER The KIWI REPORTER features a larger stainless-steel enclosure, with larger battery capacity to support radios of up to 2 A. It’s commonly used with 4RF radios. The KIWI REPORTER is available in 230 Vac or solar powered versions.


      Tekron protecting you against GPS attacks    
Tekron reliable GPS timing

In our last newsletter we discussed settings in GPS clocks that help reduce spoofing attacks. It’s a harsh world out there, and users of GPS systems are starting to consider how to make systems more robust against attacks such as jamming and spoofing. As a reminder:
GPS jamming = corrupting the GPS signals so a valid time cannot be obtained
GPS spoofing = replacing the GPS signal with that with a deliberately modified/different time

With the ever lowering cost of oven-controlled oscillators or atomic clocks (Rubidium), and the increasing sophistication of utilities communication networks between sites, there are system approaches to reduce vulnerability. Tekron’s blog ‘How to spoof proof your GPS timing network’ introduces one possible (high-end) approach.

Read the blog.


      A.Eberle IT Security    
A.Eberle security

A.Eberle’s customers can rightly expect them to take all appropriate measures to provide products with strong cyber-security features. A.Eberle are not content with simply adhering to the applicable security standards, but strive to make them as easy as possible to implement, with tools for maintaining the ongoing compliance of their systems.

For products from the REGSys™- Voltage Regulator family, PQSys - Power Quality family and EORSys - Earth Fault Detection families using the REGPE(X) multi-protocol SCADA interface, the following safety features have been developed and enhanced:

  • Secure device communication through encrypted VPN tunnelling and VLAN support
  • Use of the latest backup methods such as SHA2 and TLS 1.2
  • Access mechanisms of active interfaces such as:
    • Blocking of unauthorised devices (e.g., IEC 60870-5-104)
    • Syslog procedure for fault and weak point search in the network
    • Access control mechanisms (i.e. support server based user authentication and authorisation via central RADIUS-servers)
    • Support for Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) in the WinConfig and Web Server software

For customers with a high number of devices to be maintained, where remote engineering access is available, there is now a patching method that can be automated by means of scripts, allowing the patching of all devices with one mouse click. Despite the simplicity and speed of this mechanism, this maintenance is always performed while maintaining the current security standards such as SSH via PAM and RADIUS authentication.

Download introductory information.


      Power Quality software/firmware update for PQI-DA smart    
WinPQ smart for PQI-DA smart

The PQI-DA smart is becoming a popular choice of power quality meter for our customers, due to its ability to measure virtually any power quality parameter, its wide range of communication and software options, and its low cost. If you have not seen the capabilities of this device and are considering implementing single or multi-site PQ monitoring systems, contact us now for a demo.

For new and existing users, version 4.3.1 of the free WinPQ Smart software has been released, which includes an improved Oscilloscope view, with a zoom tool for closer inspection of important detail.

For those familiar with the PQI-DA smart, the translation files have been updated, and now the correct descriptor ‘Day’ now replaces the German ‘Tag’ on the LCD display!

Download from here.


      PQ-Box 300 – For high order harmonic analysis – to 170 kHz, with Wi-Fi    

A new Portable PQ Analyser - PQ-Box 300 has been released. This new PQ-Box is developed for applications where high-order harmonics need to be analysed. Based on the proven PQ-Box 200 hardware, the PQ-Box 300 has the capability to record:

  • Harmonics and interharmonics 0-50th   (PQ-Box 100/150/200/300)
  • Harmonics from 2 kHz to 9 kHz in 200 Hz bands  (PQ-Box 150/200/300)
  • Harmonics from 8 kHz to 170 kHz in 2 kHz bands (PQ-Box 300)
PQ-Box 300 Power Quality Recorder
PQ-Box 300 Power Quality Recorder

To aid the presentation of all this data, a 3D ‘heat map’ display has been created. This shows the maximum amplitude of each of the 80 harmonic bands being measured over the recording period. The example below shows:

  • A continuous 85 kHz harmonics (the mid horizontal band)
  • A lower amplitude 55 kHz harmonics (the lower horizontal band)
  • A short term activity mid recording, of low order harmonics (the lower bright region)
Heat-map of harmonics
"Heat-map" of harmonics

The PQ-Box 300 is the first of the PQ-Boxes to include the option for Wi-Fi interface – ideal for pole-top downloads or other remote applications where wired LAN is not an option.


      REGUpdate Version 2.00    
REGUpdate 2.0

Our website Technical Library now has REGUpdate 2.00 available, a replacement for the ‘Update32’ used by many. REGUpdate is for REG-D/DA Firmware Updates

H-Code should be loaded using WinREG Service Module, making WinREG the main tool for most voltage regulator work (see below).


      New WinREG (WinREG 4.1.2) for A.Eberle Voltage Regulator Relays - the universal version    

Version 4.1.2 of WinREG has been released which includes a new-look start screen.

WinREG start screen
WinREG start screen

This version of WinREG can be used with all REG-D & REG-DA firmware versions. It includes a version matrix that suppresses settings not understood by earlier firmware (V1.99 and later). While the earlier style of ‘settings’ in the main program region, familiar to most users remains in place, gone is the multi-tab display, in favour of the simpler tree hierarchy.

WinREG tree hierarchy
WinREG tree hierarchy (left region)

Version 4.1.2 of WinREG has been released in anticipation of supporting firmware version 2.27/3.27 due for release soon.

Download WinREG 4.1.2 (15 MB)

Download WinREG 4.1.2 Readme (730 kB)

Note: REGView, REGCollector and Transformer Monitoring software modules will need to be loaded separately to appear in the WinREG menu. Please see our website Technical Library and select the version most applicable to your needs.


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