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  MORE than a supplier     HV Power Customer Newsletter October 2017    
        DIGSI 5, Version 7.5 – Hotfix 1    

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Photo - Warwick Beech


New faces

It’s not election time at HV Power, but just like at parliament last week, there are definitely new faces here too. We have taken on Terry as our Warehouse Co-ordinator as the uptake of Siemens 8DJH Ring Main Units by distribution utilities continues unabated. We’ve also employed a new trainee support person (Parsa).

There is also another change pending as we begin the hunt for a Protection Engineer to fill the void left by Nick Bowe. Nick dealt with the trickiest of our customers’ protection applications and related product questions. He built up a large knowledge base through testing and researching the answers. Nick has returned to work for a large distribution network utility locally - where we expect that this in-depth knowledge and experience will be put to good practical use. 

At HV Power, our philosophy is that staff change often creates positive opportunities for both the staff and the organisation. While we no longer have Nick’s experience at hand to provide immediate answers, there is a great opportunity for other staff (including new recruits) to rise to the challenge and expand their field of expertise.

So just like in politics, there are some new faces and some familiar experienced ones in our line-up. However, unlike in politics, at HV Power there is no posturing, positioning, grandstanding or other theatrics – in contrast, our aim is to ensure that we add real value in each interaction we have with you, our customer. 


Warwick Beech

DIGSI 5 Version 7.5

Hotfix 1 has been released for DIGSI 5 Version 7.5. The Hotfix and Readme can be downloaded by this linked page. Note that Siemens Industry Online Support website access is required.

If you have not yet installed DIGSI 5, then a new installer program has been released that includes the Hotfix. (Download 1 GB).

The full set of device drivers can be downloaded via this linked page, or, for different relay groups by selecting devices from this page and navigating to the firmware/device driver download links.

Please feel free to contact us should you have difficulty accessing or downloading any of these files.


      Don’t forget to install the other useful DIGSI 5 programs    
DIGSI 5 export and import to Excel

When DIGSI 5 is installed, a default installation will include Automation Licence Manager (used to load the licence for DIGSI from the USB key), SIGRA V4.59 for fault record analysis and IEC 61850 System Configurator (V5.50).

However, within the DIGSI 5 installation files you will find directories that allow DIGSI 5 TEA-X Excel plug-in to be installed (See our December 2016 newsletter for description of TEA-X) and the IEC 61850 Browser.


      DIGSI 5 licences    
DIGSI 5 Automation Licence Manager

DIGSI 5 software licensing is different to that of the code string approach used by DIGSI 4. DIGSI 5 licences are initially supplied on a USB key, where the licence ‘file’ is transferred to the computer hard disk authorising the use of advanced features of DIGSI 5. If no licence file is installed on the local hard disk, on starting DIGSI 5 you’ll get to either run a once-only 30-day-trial licence, or to run the free reduced feature set ‘Compact’ licence version.

Siemens Automation Licence Manager (ALM) is used to transfer licences from the USB to your PC. HV Power’s Technical Library’s ‘DIGSI 5 Quick Note #13’ shows the process of how to transfer licences back and forwards. Quick Note #13 also gives an overview of the features of the different licences.

It is possible to also transfer licences directly between networked computers (using ALM). But, as the licence file is not a ‘normal’ file, but a hidden marked cluster, it cannot be moved/copied by normal File Explorer methods, nor emailed – the ALM must be used to transfer the licence.

Siemens realise that there might sometimes be a need to get a licence to a remote user without the time to get a physical key delivered, so the ALM does provide an ‘Offline Transfer’ function. This allows a licence to be transferred between two computers (each running ALM) using a sequence of ‘code string’ interchanges. Therefore if need arises, DIGSI 5 licences can be ‘transferred’ using the likes of email, fax, SMS or even a phone call. DIGSI 5 Quick Note #15 documents the process if ever required.


      Staff movements    


New Horizons
In September – after 6 and a half years with HV Power as our Protection Engineer, Nick Bowe has taken up full-time employment at Vector. During his time with HV Power, Nick played a pivotal role in the introduction of the SIPROTEC 5 range in New Zealand, providing deep technical support on its implementation and application to customers and to HV Power’s team.

Nick’s willingness to research and consider new technologies are a refreshing quality in an industry that’s usually considered very conservative. We say thanks to Nick for a job very well done and wish him well for the future.

New Recruits
In August we welcomed Terry Ford to the role of Warehouse Coordinator, based at our Auckland Shaddock Street RMU facility. In his short time with us Terry has already become very familiar with the logistics of the supply and customisation of Siemens 8DJH Ring Main Units to the varying needs of our New Zealand customers.

In August we also welcomed Parsa Zakeri to the role of Trainee Support Engineer. Parsa is working for us part-time as he juggles studies at Auckland University with his work for us. At HV Power he will be dealing with the processing, testing and customisation of inbound shipments of Protection Relays, FPI's and other secondary systems products.


      The Swiss Army Knife of Time Sync    
Tekron ITR

The Tekron Isolated Timing Repeaters (ITR’s) are often installed in a panel and forgotten – they don’t have the excitement of GPS clocks and their displays and settings etc. However, the ITR is critical to the successful deployment of timing signals within most substations. Tekron have published a news item recapping on the main applications for this essential device:

  • Adding isolation
  • Regenerating signals
  • Boosting signals
  • Converting Media

Click here to find out details.


      Tekron GPS clocks – Firmware update TCG 01-G: Helping sites with poor visibility    
Tekron TCG 01-G GPS clock

When a GPS clock is first installed, four satellites are required for it to calculate its location. Once the clock ‘knows where it is’, from that point, historically only one satellite was required to maintain time. However, more satellites improve the accuracy of the time by averaging the results.

Recent firmware saw a change, requiring a minimum of three satellites for ongoing timing. This was an anti-jamming feature to reduce the risk of someone being able to trick a GPS clock with a locally generated spoof GPS signal.

While that firmware provided increased robustness to the typical users, Tekron Configuration Tool and firmware F2.28r, now allow this ‘minimum of three’ requirement to be over-ridden if required, such as for testing, or for the occasional site with very poor (satellite) visibility.

Till this point satellites have been excluded from any calculations if their signal to noise ratio was less than 35 dB. Firmware F2.28r allows this setting to be altered, again helping at sites with poor visibility. This however does increases the susceptibility of timing to adverse environmental conditions, so it is also well worth considering a clock with a Rubidium oscillator.

The continuing downward price of atomic clocks now make Rubidium oscillators a feasible alternative for sites with very poor satellite view. A clock with a Rubidium oscillator means it is possible to have the equivalent of ‘long term GPS clock type accuracy’ at sites without the need for GPS signals.

The new clock and Ethernet firmware is now available and shipping with new clocks, with the Tekron Software V4.3.10 supporting these new features expected to be released soon.


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