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        LVRSys Pole Mount LV Voltage Regulator    

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A vested interest

HV Power have a vested interest in ensuring our customers get the outcomes and value they expect from the products we supply. We want our customers to be fully satisfied that the products we supply deliver the value they expect. We want our customers to use the products more widely and recommend the products (and/or HV Power) to others in the industry!

Getting value from any product does require an investment in both the equipment and implementation. In our industry there is not much that works ‘straight out of the box’ but rather the product needs to be worked with to gain an understanding of it, its settings and the application defined, and then the implementation managed and monitored to ensure satisfaction of all stakeholders. From experience we find this works best when there is an application champion within the customer’s organisation driving the project.

We don’t expect champions to be the ‘full product expert’ - to some degree that’s our job. The HV Power team are here to help the 'champions', and those who interact with the product(s) and the information they produce. We have recently provided value-added services to some of our ‘champions’ by delivering:

  • Refresher training courses on a specific line differential relay commissioning
  • Introductory training on DIGSI 5 software
  • Commissioning assistance and training on multi-substation power quality analysis system
  • Onsite assistance with voltage regulator relay changes (new parallel transformer bank installation)
  • Onsite verification of GPS antenna performance
  • Onsite evaluation of GPS clock time sync distribution methods

We understand that from time-to-time staff do change - therefore refresher training is required. Similarly its reality that some customers don’t have time to read to the last page of the product manual, and that therefore can’t maintain familiarity with the deepest levels of all the different products configuration menus.

We want to ensure the use of HV Power supplied products is successful and ongoing. Our Services team are hands-on with wide industry experience – and they have a vested interest in helping you extract maximum value from your investment. See the Services section of our website to find out some of the things we can do for you, then contact us to discuss your needs.


Warwick Beech

LVSys Low Voltage Pole Mount Voltage Regulator

Following close work with our German partner A.Eberle, we are about to take delivery of our first pole-mount LVRSys product in Australia. This work has adapted A.Eberle’s successful ground-mounted low-voltage regulator to a pole-mounted version with the focus on this region's pole and conductor mounting practices, the extreme temperature range and the need to keep insects out of the electronics!

A 50 kVA single phase unit will soon be installed and evaluated by a southern Australian utility.

LVRsys is a low-voltage regulation system that provides a cost-effective alternative to re-conductoring or installing additional line capacity to deal with voltage issues. It can be used within all (230/400 V) low-voltage distribution networks where voltage problems exist

LVRsys products are available with single phase ratings of 7.5 kVA to 50 kVA and three phase ratings of 22 kVA to 630 kVA. Units are available in a variety of pad-mount, pole-mount or suitable for installation in kiosks. Pole mount units are available in single phase ratings from 7.5 to 50 kVA and three phase ratings of 22 to 70 kVA.

With the proliferation of domestic solar generation and electric vehicle charging, there is a growing need for additional voltage regulation within the LV distribution network. The manual changing of distribution transformer taps cannot adequately control network voltage as customer connections swing from daytime producers of energy to night-time consumers.

The LVRSys product gives network planners a convenient solution that can be retrofitted within the distribution network to automatically regulate under or over-voltage conditions often found at the edges of the distribution network. With the independent phase regulation of three phase systems, balancing of the three-phase voltages is possible, improving the overall power quality of the network. LVRSys is available in a variety of sizes and enclosures for use as an in-line regulator for a small number of consumers or at LV substations for entire feeder regulation.

See the LVRSys section of our website for further details.



      RE+DS - New Zealand site    

We are delighted that we now have on order our first arc suppression coil for delivery to a New Zealand utility at the start of 2018. This customer is to install and evaluate our 'RE+DS' Compensated Power System. [RE+DS = 'Resonant Earthing + Earth-fault Detection System']. The system will include an A.Eberle REG-DP controller, earth-fault detection devices to identify the faulted feeder, and fault passage indicators to determine faulted sections.

In time this will provide a useful local reference site and local down-under experience for New Zealand and Australian power utilities keen to know more about this ultra-reliable and significantly lower cost approach to reducing ground fault currents with a 'Traditional' Compensated Network. A by-pass switch is being supplied to allow compensated and grounded operation.

See the RE+DS section of our website for more system information.



      DIGSI 5, Version 7.5 released - Windows 10 (64 bit) supported    
DIGSI 5 Version 7.5

Engineering software ‘DIGSI 5’, Version 7.5 is now released for the Siemens SIPROTEC 5 series of protection relays. This latest version adds support for Windows 10 PCs (64 bit). Please refer to the Product Information documentation provided with the software for full details on supported systems. For your reference, the more common operating systems supported are:

  • Microsoft Windows 7 Professional and Enterprise/Ultimate 32-Bit and 64-Bit with Service Pack 1 and Security Update KB3033929
  • Microsoft Windows 8.1 64-Bit
  • Microsoft Windows 10 Home, Pro, and Enterprise (All 64-Bit, version 1607 and higher)


The following operating systems cannot be used with DIGSI 5 V7.5:

  • Microsoft Windows XP and older Microsoft operating systems
  • Microsoft Windows 7 Starter, Home Basic, Home Premium, and others without Service Pack
  • Microsoft Windows 10 – any 32-Bit version

DIGSI 5, Version 7.5 and its associated firmware now supports:

  • IO111 temperature input module*
  • IO233 module – 48 binary inputs
  • Increased name length (42 characters) for function blocks and signal names
  • Improved IEC 61850 data model – reducing visible data elements, and improved renaming
  • Improved routing editor for GOOSE
  • PB201 process bus module can now receive 24 current channels
  • Logging of security-relevant DIGSI 5 engineering events
  • Support central logging of security events (Syslog support)
  • Device settings can now be used as inputs in CFC charts

*IO111 module provides 12 temperature inputs (RTDs) for non-modular relays. This hardware is factory fitted to some versions of the 7SK82 Motor Protection Relay – it is not a field retrofit external I/O module. The external I/O module IO212 should be considered for modular relays.

Meanwhile, the adoption of SIPROTEC 5 protection relays by New Zealand utilities and industrial customers continues with more customers switching to SIPROTEC 5. Recent applications include:

  • a 3 Terminal Line Differential scheme
  • feeder protection with bare fibre arc fault detection

DIGSI 5 Version 7.5 (software and device drivers) can be downloaded via this page (Siemens Industry Online Support sign in is required). Please contact us if you have difficulty in accessing this page or locating the packages you require.

For your convenience, we have also updated our website Technical Library with the version 7.5 SIPROTEC 5 System Manuals. System Manuals cover the general and common features of SIPROTEC 5 and DIGSI 5.  Please use the Siemens website to download manuals for specific models (i.e. manuals covering specific protection functions).



      REG-D/DA Voltage Regulator SCADA Training Course – 15 Nov 2017    
A.Eberle REG-D REG-DA Training

On 15 November we hold our final REG-D/DA Voltage Regulator SCADA training course for 2017. This course is offered in Auckland as an alternative to those organisations who cannot coordinate sufficient staff to be in one location for HV Power to run a customised training course at your premises.

This one-day course provides specific training for the SCADA technician or engineer involved with integrating REG-D/DA into DNP and IEC 61850 environments. The course focus will be on the Comms and tools that are used, the applicable settings, and common issues that affect the communication between the REG-D/DA and SCADA systems. MODBUS, DNP 3.0 and IEC 61850 protocols are covered. This is the ideal opportunity to get more experience with the many features of the latest version of WinConfig.

A small investment in training can save you considerable development and commissioning costs on projects by ensuring your staff are fully up-to-speed in today’s environment. With updates of device firmware and new software releases, chances are if your staff haven’t used a product in the last six months – their skillset is likely to be out of date!

Contact Vladimir Brijacek (09 377 2001) for more details.



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