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        REG-DA Voltage Regulator Datasheet    

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Not immune

This is not a piece on COVID-19, but commentary on cyber-security. New Zealand is not immune to cyber-attacks, as shown by denial of service attacks on the NZ Stock Exchange. It is a timely reminder that as more utilities make use of public networks, they must give serious consideration to the security risks and appropriate mitigation measures. While ‘public’ internet vulnerability has the public’s attention, savvy organisations will be looking at the higher risk vectors of compromised PCs being introduced, or stolen credentials. Systems like RUGGEDCOM’s ‘Crossbow’ must be at front of mind as part of an authorised access, role-based access and encrypted access to your digital assets.


Warwick Beech



A new REG-DA Technical Data Sheet is available showing the latest order options and characteristics. This includes useful pictures of the terminal and port assignment of the SCADA cards:

  • REG-PEDSV (TK102A)
  • REG-PE (TK28-6A)
  • REG-P (TK 28-4A)

TK102 TK28-4A & TK28-6A layout
Example copper versions of REG-P, REG-PE and REG-PEDSV.

Download a copy of the new data sheet here.


      REG-D (REG-SYS) Hard-copy manual no longer standard    

REG-D Voltage Regulators are no longer being dispatched with the large A4 folder-sized manual.

The full documentation (data sheet, manual, interactive manual, etc ) is in PDF form on the WinREG CD-ROM that comes with each device and is also available on the A.Eberle web site.

Included with the product will still be printed wiring diagrams and device test documents. A short new security and device information document is to be introduced.

REG-D/REG-DA Manual -Online interactive

REG-D Manual (version 2016/07)

REG-D/DA Quick Guide (issue 09.11.2004)

The latest REG-DA manual is issue 2017/11, available here

To support the protocol cards, there are manuals for

Serial protocols (2018-12-06)

Ethernet protocols (2019-05-14)

Administrator handbook (10.2.2020)



      Horstmann SMART NAVIGATOR 2.    

Horstmann have announced firmware 2.0 for the SMART NAVIGATOR 2.0 Master and Satellite Fault Passage Indicators. With this firmware there are now two versions, the original Direction FPI and now a simpler Non-directional FPI.
Directional FPI

  • Red or Green LED flash depending upon fault location
  • Load flow direction indication
  • Option to reset LEDs on return of voltage
  • Voltage measurement
  • Red/Green reflective labels on housing to indicate installation direction

Non-directional FPI

  • Red flash

The non-directional FPI offers a simplification for sites where directionality is not required.
A -20 to +60 deg C version has been released, which we will adopt as standard in this region (compared to the -40 to + 85 deg C rated version). The reduced temperature range has higher capacity batteries to provide a longer holdup time. The -20 to +60 deg C versions offer:

  • Full Power mode: 10 hours full reporting (on full charge) (was 4 hours)
  • Power Saving mode: 20 days reporting by exception/once per day status (was 4 days)
  • Power Saving Low: 20 days visual indication (was 2.5 days)

The great news is that based on data from numerous field trials, the line current specification to maintain Full Power mode has reduced from 40 to 25 A, allowing the ‘online’ direct 4G communication to be used in more locations. To maintain on-fault and once per day reporting, 5 A line current is required. For sites with lower (average) line current, primary battery and Pole Master solutions are available.

For applications above 40 kV, there is now available the SMART NAVIGATOR 2.0 DCFI HV, rated for use on circuits up to 161 kV:

  • Standard range 7 kV to 46 kV (L-L)
  • HV Range 46 kV to 161 kV


      A8000 RTU programming – Create your own apps    

With its powerful 4-core processor the A8000 CP-8050 RTU has lots of processing capacity! If the standard CFC functionality is not flexible enough for you, now there is SIAPPs (Siemens APPs). SIAPPs allows you to write your own C code and load it into the A8000. Up to three different SIAPPs can be run at the same time (in addition to the standard A8000 functions).

For example, use SIAPPs to create:

  • Web-based HMI APP - run your own Webserver on CP-8050 fed with RTU data
  • Analytics APP – run your own data analytics algorithm and provide data via existing IEC or cloud protocols
  • Controller APP - port and run your existing C-code taking advantage of robust CP-8050 hardware and its many IO modules
  • Server APP – run a server beside existing RTU functionality within a secure environment – LDAP, Radius, Syslog, FTPs
  • Customer specific APP - create and run user-defined communication protocols or datapoint conversions

The SIAPP API provides a convenient interface from your code to the wide range of A8000 hardware interfaces. See this presentation for more information.

CP-8050 RTU with added interfaces and IO.


Services Section How to find the version of firmware in a SIPROTEC 4 device
SIP4 family

We have added to our Technical Library the front panel keyboard sequences for interrogating a SIPROTEC 4 relay to confirm its MLFB (configuration), serial number and the all-important hardware and firmware versions.

It’s safe to interrogate this information on in-service relays.

See the last item in the SIPROTEC 4 section.


  Product phase-out for SIPROTEC 4 7SJ63, 6MD61/3 & 7UM61

Siemens has announced SIPROTEC 4 7SJ63, 6MD61 & 7UM61 are being phased out from 30 September 2020. That means the products will only be available for ordering up to 30 September 2022. It is recommended that these products no longer be used for new substation projects, but that SIPROTEC 5 units are used instead.

Affected Product Recommended alternative
7SJ63 7SJ82, 7SJ85
Or 7SJ64
6MD61 & 6MD63 6MD85, 6MD66
7UM61 7UM85
Or 7UM62

Repair service for the above products can typically be expected for 10 years from 30 September 2020.

Contact us if you wish to discuss spares holding or use of alternative products.


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